Sunday, July 26, 2020

Roof, Drapes & a Cricut

So the first order of business for the weekend was hooking up my new Cricut and figuring out how to use it.

For your amusement I've included pictures of the Building Inspector and her sister Miho as the Cricut worked.  They were highly suspicious.  Miho actually tried to swipe at the mat when it was going back and forth.


I'm pleased to say that after a couple of false starts I was able to make the pieces for my roof out of chipboard.  Because the largest measurement was 14 1/2 I had to divide the pieces in half and tape them together.

The roof only has a one inch rise so I looked up shallow slope roofing and apparently flat roof material is recommended for shallow sloping roofs.  So of course in the interests of accuracy I had to use that.

I love Gorilla tape!  Cheap and it looks good and it's going to be so easy to dust.

Once I got the roof on I used a magazine to weigh it down.  It flattened it a little more than was strictly needed but I still like how it looks.

I took a little bit and figured out how to make arches in the Design Space.  And that let me cut out my cornices out of chipboard.

Of course I forgot to take a picture of them before I glued them together and covered them with fabric.

This is the same fabric I used for the WQRC bed curtains. 

I wanted to have a couple of chairs too, so I hunted up some of the extras I had.

I was already in the process of prying up the cushion when I took the picture.  But I used the same fabric for the cushions.

I didn't have any cotton fabric for sheers so I made do with a synthetic for them.  I had to use a lot more glue than normal but eventually I got them done and attached to the cornices.

Once the glue was mostly dry I turned them over and made sure they looked good.

I found some embroidery thread that matches the cornices so once it's safe to move the sheers I'll make cord and tassels for hold backs. 

Since I had to let everything dry for a while I got out all my musical instruments and tested how they'd look in the room with the rugs.

My shelves look so empty.  I have stuff arriving tomorrow.  Of course with the post office these could be a week from tomorrow.  I'll just keep my fingers crossed.


I like the harpsichord and the piano, but I'm not sold on the spinet in the far corner.  I might look for something like a cello and a music stand for that corner instead.  It's just a little too big for the room.

I fitted the front wall on and opened the doors.

See what I mean about the spinet and harpsichord?  The spinet pretty much pushes the harpsichord out the door.

I'm still thinking about the flowering vine I want for the pergola but I definitely want one.  And I'm considering the layout and how big I want my patio.  I'd love to try and do a water feature but I don't know how ambitious I'm feeling. 

Hope you all had a great weekend!


  1. Mmmm, I think the Building Inspector and her sister Miho approved the Cricut, after having a good look ;O). Sooooo cute to see these pictures, Sheila, thanks for taking the effort to photograph them and share them with us, what fun!
    The roof turned out wonderful, but I've never heard of Gorilla tape. The furniture and the fabrics fit nicely together, very stylish and elegant.
    The overall look of the room is absolutely beautiful, but I agree with you that it's a bit over crowded with the harpsichord and the spinet together in the room.
    Stay safe, take care, dear Sheila.
    Hugs, Ilona

  2. WOW,you're already making arches with your Maker, I'm impressed! It took me several weeks to familiarize myself with mine and I just recently figured out the weld feature so I can make arches. The house is looking great and the roof is fantastic!

  3. Way to jump right in, Sheila! Making the roof with the Maker was a wonderful first project! It's a great method and anything that avoids laying shingles is a stroke of genius in my book! Woodson used to bark at my Maker until one day, I held him on my lap in front of the machine and told him in a sing song voice that it was so nice because it helped me. It worked. Now he ignores it completely. He responds well to toddler parenting. :O)
    The cornice, chairs and drapes are fabulous, and I love the idea of a cello in the corner. With so many keyed instruments in the room it may look more like a sales floor than a music room, lol!

  4. Congratulations on your success with the Cricut, and for clearly meeting the approval of your adorable building inspectors. The room is really coming along nicely! It's a little disappointing about the spinet, but I can see that the room is a bit crowded as is, and the idea of a cello in there is lovely!

  5. Looks like you are going to have lots of fun with your new toy! I really like the color palette for your space and Great photos! I'm excited to watch your progress.

  6. Wow! You got a ton done! Your kitties did make me smile! My cat freaks out every time my printer starts up... but he's very shy and timid. I love the chairs you have recovered and the curtains are very luxurious looking (even though they are not finished yet! I agree that three keyboard instruments are too many for one room... nobody writes music for three pianos! It would make more sense to add a cello or a bass viol. The harpsichord is too lovely to leave out and the big Steinway piano too... Maybe just the two keyboards and other smaller instruments like a flute or violin and the music stands... I can hear the beautiful sounds wafting from those doors into the garden.... and now you are adding a Fountain too? Like I said... WOW!!! Keep up the amazing work!

  7. What a beautiful room! It's stunning. And I can't wait to see what you do with the Cricut! (And I still have to catch up on all your previous posts, so I have a lot of eye candy waiting for me.) All the best!

  8. I admire your capacity to learn so quickly how to use the new equipment. The room looks great and what luck that you have a choice of pianos. Best thing is to wait until you get the other instruments and see what looks good together.
    Hugs, Drora

  9. I really wish I had a Cricut - it will be a great help with cutting all the tiny pieces I need for my dolly clothes. ;) I hope you will be pleased with it. :)
    Chairs and sheers look wonderful.