Sunday, September 20, 2020

Trying To Get Organized

 I haven't posted because I haven't really gotten much done since my last post.  I've been trying to get my space organized, clean my house some, and other hobbies have taken up some of my time.

I have a bad habit of buying things and then not putting them in their proper place.  So I put things away and relocated a few things so I could find them. Hopefully.

I've been debating my next project still.  I'm debating redoing the Gothic Victorian because I'm a little bored with it and there's so much I could do better with it.

But I'm also excited that I've got a couple more out of the norm containers for some little laundry rooms.

So that'll be a lot of fun.  

And I found on Ebay, the cutest little buffalo horn chair.  This is exciting because my grandparents had a buffalo horn chair in their basement and my mom has it now.  I've wanted one forever.

I've been trying to remember that my hobbies are meant to be enjoyed.  They're not something I should be putting pressure on myself to do.