Sunday, September 19, 2021


 Okay. So this isn't related to minis but it is an explanation as to why I'm not as active mini-ing lately.

Lost my job this last week.

Actually that's misleading. I know exactly where my job is. It just isn't mine anymore.

The very 'Christian' company I worked for decided I wasn't in compliance with the company policies. They don't have an H/R department so the only person I could speak with regarding compliance was the person who told me I was a problem. So information or guidance about correcting the issue. 

I suppose it doesn't help that I'd been with the company six years, was salary, had gotten a raise in the last four months and was training an assistant for my position.  Or that the Controller just hired four new people.

So I'm stepping up my certification courses and applying for jobs. And unemployment.

Feeling (more than) a little stressed and concerned about picking up glue or a craft knife or something because when I'm on edge like this I'm just as likely to have an accident as I am to doing anything productive.

No progress on the back bathroom either. Which could be a good or a bad thing.  If I had any home reno or plumbing knowledge I swear I'd start demoing the thing myself just for stress relief.

I hope everyone else's week has gone better than mine.