Wednesday, October 30, 2019

Filling the Shelves

October has been a crazy month.  Between getting sick, being tired, working on other projects I haven't posted weekly like I usually do.

But I've been telling myself that's okay.  This is for fun. Not a job. No rigid schedule.

I've gotten some things done.  Stained the table for the living quarters, wired the light on the bureau.  Made a 'crocheted' coverlet for the bed. Though I like it hung over the footrail better.

And I got all my books and started to fill my shelves.


I have more left, and I'm planning on having some window display books. (Need to make stands for them.)  And I want to have extra books stacked on top of the shelves as well.  But I'm almost at the point of being able to glue the book shelves in place and do the wiring.  I really can't wait for that. It'll be so much fun!

And by fun I mean involving a lot of cursing, bending, hollering at the cats to get away from me, and ultimate satisfaction of everything lighting up the way I want.

Oh, and here's the other pumpkin scene I did.

Right now my work place has both pumpkins on the side table in the lobby at my workplace.  Which is very cool of them.

Tomorrow is our wedding anniversary.  So hopefully work won't be too cray cray and I'll get to leave at a decent hour.

Hope you all had a great October!

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Living Quarters Furniture Layout

I worked on the living quarters of the bookshop today.  Mostly trying to determine the furniture arrangement.

I'm trying to keep in mind that I need to take photographs of this so I don't want some furniture blocking the rest of it.

At first I thought of having the bed in the little alcove.  With a screen to block the sleeping quarters from the rest of the room.

The biggest issue I had with that was that the tall wall desk was very bulky at the front of the room.  So I tried something else.

I didn't care for the bed being in front of the door.  So I reversed some things.

I like the idea of a bookshelf but it takes over and pushes out from the wall too much.

Getting closer.

I like this best so far.  I really wanted the desk/cabinet because it's a very efficient piece of furniture.  So I built the Hepplewhite Serpentine chest.

It gives more storage for clothing without being too bulky.

I also spent part of the day wiring some Chrysnbon wall sconces with lights...

Then I tested them.  A wire crossed and promptly shorted them out.  Frustrating.  So I got some of my extra Housework sconces that match the shop shelves and put them in.  The glue is still drying.

I need to stain/paint the rest of the furniture and dress all of it with accessories but then the living quarters will be mostly done.

I've got a few more books made and the sconces are all attached to the bookshelves now. So that's a bit more progress.

Seasonal allergies have managed to drive me up a wall so I didn't do much last week. I felt okay most of the week and then started to feel sick on Friday again... Lovely right?  Sick again just in time for the weekend.

Lots of sleep seems to help.  But blech.  I hope the rest of you are doing better!