Sunday, December 17, 2023

Edouard Black's Blacksmith Shop and Home

I am Edouard Black, welcome to my smithy and home. I’m pleased to have your custom. My Aunt Cecelia Alyce graciously gave her aid to build my forge and thus gave me my start in life once I achieved my mastery in smithing.

It may be humble, but it serves my wife and I well. Aunt Cecelia planted a cutting from her own apple tree so that we might enjoy fresh fruit and with the village well close by we want for nearly nothing.  We suffered from mice for a time but a couple of kittens from my aunt’s wonderful mousers look to have that problem solved.  Thus all our winter stores of food are secure in their jars and chests.

We recently were blessed with a daughter and Aunt Cecelia has promised to take her under her wing and teach her to spin and weave once she’s old enough. For now we all sleep together in our cozy upper room secure knowing that the thick door with our family sigil and stone walls keep us safe.

Those are my four submission pictures.

And here are a few more with extra details.

At some point I'll put up another post with the sources for all the things in the build that I wasn't able to make. 

For now though, I'm going to try and get caught up on my blog reading. I'm really behind!

Hope everyone is having a happy Holiday season!

Thursday, December 7, 2023

Hardscaping & the Tree - Again

So over Thanksgiving I did a lot of work on the Blacksmith's shop and home.  I took a couple vacation days so I have almost an entire week off and it was a good thing I did.

I hunted up all my 'wares' for my blacksmith and added them to the storage chest beneath the window.

There was the issue of the landscaping for a Tudor period building set in a town rather than the countryside. So I needed to make cobblestones.

I used cardboard, paint, chipboard, paint, tinted spackle and black sand.

The tree which was looking so promising had to be set aside. Caspia Grass has a scent to it which Dante found irresistible and I couldn't keep him away from the tree. The tree was also large enough that it couldn't be hidden from him either.

So I started over and instead made a much smaller apple tree with the Candytuft I had on hand. 

So far so good!

I was able to get my set up for the submission pictures done and have them all picked out with my little description of the build written. 

And a good thing too. Because someone at work got Covid over Thanksgiving and didn't realize it until they came on Monday.

Guess what?

 Yep. My husband and I have it again.

It's not as bad as it was the first time around but it's not good either. 

Hoping to have my submission pics and the extras up on Sunday maybe. Just writing this was exhausting!

Finished goods
Forge Roof/ceiling
Forge Bargeboards - skip, too fancy
Second floor/ceiling beams
Second floor/ceiling
Second floor walls
Second floor fireplace
Second floor railing (so no one falls down the stairs)
Forge Chimney
House Chimney
Dragons for chimney and chimney pots
Benches/stools for kitchen. 
Oven/bread paddles (at least one)
Rush mats
Knitting/sewing...something for the upstairs bench.
Fur throw
Fireplace tools, (tongs, shovel, poker)
Pease Porridge Pot
Sink with dishes
Bucket of water
Barrel of water for forge
Shingles - living quarters
Shingles - Forge
Well/water pump with Water!
Electrical wiring - final