Sunday, October 30, 2022

Good News, Bad News

 So this will be a pretty picture heavy post as the Good News is that I'm nearly done with the Chapel

In chronological order, we took the Building Inspector to the vet because she wasn't as interested in her food, was hiding slightly behind the couch (but not so much that she couldn't see her daddy) and was just a little off.

Tali Zorah Vas'Normandy left us in early September. 

The Bad News is that ever since we got Covid two years ago my husband's respiratory health hasn't been great. He already needs a C-Pap machine and has asthma. He has this lovely thing they call dsyphasia, where he coughs and coughs and then passes out. And a few months ago he got the flu and then it turned into bronchitis, then walking pneumonia. 

This was further complicated by the drugstore not having the prescribed antibiotics.

But he was worried about his job, he works for the city, so he basically bugged his doctor (at the city clinic) until they said he could go back to work.

He was told to report to HR and when he got there they told him he could either be fired or he could resign. Being fired means he's not eligible for rehire and when potential employers call for a reference the city will say that. So he 'resigned'. 

Unfortunately it's not easy to find another job in his field at his age. He's working on it but... yeah. 

But in slightly Better News is that I got my third quarter review (the one that effects raises) and it was above average and my boss made a point of saying he was going to tell his boss how well I was doing. So hopefully a decent raise in the new year.

Also I'm hourly which means I get OT and I've been so busy at work I've gotten quite a bit of it this last week.  I qualify for insurance through my workplace and I was able to adjust my tax contribution and retirement savings so my take home pay is better.

So we're getting by. 

I don't write much (or well) when I'm stressed and I'm feeling a bit stressed so that's fallen a bit by the wayside. 

But the Chapel has progressed nicely. 

Here comes the picture portion of the post.

That's pretty much it. I'm debating putting flowers in the pots and having them to the side of the steps or if I want to wait until Christmas and do a little Nativity scene.