Sunday, April 14, 2019

Newel Posts & Doors

This weekend I don't feel like I got much done.  I accomplished a bit, thought about stuff, did a bit more.

I started work on the posts for the loft railing.

They're drying now and I'll dry brush them with the metallic brown after they're done.

I also worked on the flooring for the loft second floor.  I got it measured and cut, and that's as far as I got on the loft.  I'm still thinking about the kitchen and how I want to do it.  I was wondering about having the back wall a row of cabinets, fridge and stove, with the sink under the small window and an island going from the support post towards the stairs.

This is a view from the kitchen window.  I think a wall of cabinets, stove, and fridge with a nice hood would be striking.

The shop shelves are all dry. I've got two more on backorder that I'll need to paint and finish when they arrive.  But I tested out how the brass sconces would look.

I like how they look.  I need to add some trim to the single book cases so they match the triple ones but so far so good.

Then I started to think about the doors on the shop.  I'm debating on the color I want to paint the front.  But I needed something eye catching for the doors.

While I was considering that I taped off the bronze doorknob for the fake door and painted it so it looked more like brass.

I also started thinking about the flooring and how I wanted to finish the bottom of the door frame.  So I went through my wood and found some trim that would work.

I had to buy more wood flooring so I went with some black walnut.  I'll add a cherry stain to it.

The narrow floor boards are simple but they'll work well for the flooring.  I can use something wider on the third floor if I don't have enough of the walnut.

I dug through my metal finishings, and found my extra doorknobs.  I had some plain brass ones without a plate and some more intricate ones in gunmetal grey.  So I got my jewelry findings out again and started to make fancy doorknobs and kickplates.

First I painted the doors,  I had to remove them from the front of the shop, which took a little doing, but I painted the insides black and taped off the windows on the outsides to make a black frame.

While the paint was drying I started gluing and painting the finishes.

I also made some framing for the interior of the doors to hold the windows in place.

I used the blue paint from the Craftsman Cottage on the exterior.  I think the dark metal doorknobs/plates look nice with the black and blue.

I was thinking I might do the front of the shop with the blue and age it with some black, or darken the blue with black and then do a bit more aging?  I'll have to mix up some colors and test them out.  And I need to add kickplates to the front of the doors.

Here's the interior of the doors.  I added some more brass trim to brighten them up a bit.

So I need to let them dry.  But I think they look pretty good.  At least so far.  The kickplates need a bit more aging I think.

The last thing I did was paint my trim for the fake door and glue it on.  When I dries I'll add the finish.

It needs a bit more darkening up, so I'll fix that before I add the finish.  The doorknob needs a bit of aging too.

I'm going to think about colors and how I plan to stick the front to the rest of the building.  I need to start working on the spiral stair for it as well.

For now, I'm going to get myself a drink and think about colors.

Hope you're all doing well!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Feature Wall, Loft 'Wall' and Store Furniture

I think I mentioned last week that I wanted to do a feature wall for the loft but I didn't want to do wallpaper.  So I started looking into painted versions that were a bit more elaborate than one color different than the rest of the walls.

I'd been to Hobby Lobby on Thursday and picked up a few shades of blue to go with some that I had already.  I dug through my paint and found the colors I'd used for the Craftsman Cottage.  Then I put them all on a piece of MDF and labeled them.

The Craftsman Blue had too much of red undertone.  I needed blues that had a slightly yellow tint to them if that makes sense. 

I put them next to my floor and the couch I plan on using in the loft.

I tried the coffee table I plan on using as well.  The bronze metallic was a thought if I wanted dividing lines but I decided against it.

I went with the Chocolate Brown, my custom color, the custom color I got on sale, the Midnight Blue, Colonial Blue and Blue Fog.

Then I drew out the design.

I managed to figure out where I wanted my colors.  Then began my painstaking process of painters tape and paint.

It's not perfect but I do like how it looks.

I also painted the ceiling.

I went through my stash and found the cube shelves I had because I want to use them for a bathroom/bedroom wall. 

I also found some tiles that mimic onyx and my granite contact paper.  I also have some paper that came with a kitchen kit.   I like how they look with the stone floor paper.

I think maybe the tan lowers and creamy white uppers?  With granite countertops.  I'm not sure though. I think maybe something darker... and then the tan for the uppers?  Still thinking about that.

The tiles I thought would be really nice in the bathroom.  I splurged on one of Jodi's shower kits.

I think it'll work pretty well.  I left space for my shelves.  I'm going to back them with some pebble glass.

That's about as far as I got on the Downtown Loft this weekend.  I worked on it a good part of Saturday.

Sunday I decided to do another dry fit of the walls for the bookstore and realized that my second floor was a touch too narrow so I added some wood to widen it slightly.  

While that was drying I decided to paint the fake door.  I used black and then added gloss varnish over the top.  I like how it looks.

I also went through my scrapbook paper and wallpaper again trying to find something for the bookstore and I think I found something.

The stripes make me dizzy so I think the muted flower pattern is better.  And I have more of that too.

I decided I liked the idea of black doors for the interior.  And that I wanted the store shelves, counter and window tables to match.  So I got to work on those.

The window display tables I built out of House of Miniatures kits for Chippendale Lowboys.

Once I got them assembled I painted them and added the hardware.  Then varnished everything and glued the drawers in.

I like how they look.  And painted furniture would be easier to keep up than stained considering beeswax was the go to polish back then.

Then I started on the bookshelves.  

I was painting and varnishing for quite a while.  

My idea is to take my sconces and rather than put them on the wall I'll add them to the divider between the shelf sections.  They're brass like the drawer handles, so they'll look nice.

That was as far as I got today.

But I'm excited for next weekend when I can do more.

On a less than happy note, Keli found an account on Instagram that has a ton photos that don't belong to the poster.  They are not credited and I know that they don't belong to the person whose account it is because some of them are Keli's and at least one is Brae's.  Some belong to past Creatin' Contest entrants and there are at least two by Robin Carey. So I suggest you all go and check out this account and if you recognize your work or someone else's inform the folks you know and report the account to Instagram.

Sunday, March 31, 2019

Inventory and Walls

I still haven't come up with a plan to keep the cats off the WQRC but so far they haven't done any more damage.

The first thing I did on Saturday was to paint the spiral staircase black and then another layer of black metallic.  I like how it looks so far.

But afterwards while it was drying I was trying to figure out what I had for the kitchen and bathroom and everything and I found some flagstone paper I could use for the flooring. It's a pretty beige/yellow/brown and it'll look great on the first floor.  But the black staircase was going to stand out in a big way.  And I didn't know how well the two would mesh.

So I found some of my metallic paint in bronze/chocolate brown and dry brushed it over the black.

Here's the flagstone flooring paper.  I think the brownish metallic warms up the black just enough that it isn't too much against the flagstone.

I still haven't figured out the kitchen.  But I do have a bunch of different counters and things.  I'll have to play around with them in the space to see what I want to use.

I was also debating a feature wall but I don't want to use wallpaper or anything to make it.  So I think I'll end up with textured paint on the walls and one of them a different color than the rest.  Still working that out.  I ended up going through a lot of my stash looking for different things and figuring out furniture.

I was also thinking about the exterior.  I like the idea of a modern stucco.  But I don't know how I'd finish the corners and edges.  The other thing I like is a board and batten look.  I have time so I'm still thinking about it.

For the bookstore I spent some time working on the interior walls.  I've got ten inch ceilings for the first and second floor.  The third floor is nine inches but the ceilings are angled as well.  So I had to take those into account.

I worked out where my walls on the second floor would be a few weeks ago.  Today I got some of my scrap wood cut and glued to actually build them.  I also had to make a false door leading to the non-existent stairs to the third floor.

That took a bit of doing but luckily I had some trim and balsa that worked for the paneling and doorframe.

I did my best to match the paneling on the door I'm using as the third floor entrance.  I didn't want them to look too different.

I stained it red mahogany but I'm still debating if I'd rather paint it instead.  Maybe a nice dark brown door?  Or black?  I'm not sure.

The walls for the living quarters were a little more tricky.  I had to keep the angle of the roof in mind.

I'm thinking that I might try to do some paneling around the lower/straight portion of the walls and then a wallpaper over a chair rail on the angled portions.

That was the other reason for my inventory Saturday, figuring out what I have for wallpaper and how I want to finish the walls on the lower floors.  They'll be mostly covered by the bookshelves but the parts that show would look nice with a dark wallpaper or paint.  Still debating.

I also was messing around with some fancy flooring for the second floor.  I'm still not sure about it.

I love the flooring but I still think it might be too busy.  I need to look into the types of floors that were popular in the Victorian era.  I think they mostly had narrow boards.  The wider planks were for less elegant homes.

Maybe a couple of popsicle stick floors?  We'll see.

The other thing I did was figure out where I'd need to put the chandelier for the ship.  It'll need to hang down from the second floor ceiling above the opening in the second floor.  So I figured out my walls and where they'd hit on the ceiling and outlined the opening.

That'll also help me figure out where I want the wood moldings.  I'm going to paint them to look like plaster.  They're just decorative wood trim from Hobby Lobby but once they're painted it'll look like plaster.

At least that's what I'm hoping for.

How are all of you doing?  I need to go read blogs after I get some of my chores done.  Things are getting a little messy around here.

Sunday, March 24, 2019

Making Windows and the Front Elevation

The Building Inspector has decided that the empty space provided by the wall repair should be occupied.  

What I wasn't able to capture on camera was her apprentice actually on top of the dollhouse roof.  I'm so glad those magnets are strong.  Nothing came crashing down but now I'm really wracking my brain for some way to keep the cats off of it.  Maybe Cecelia Alyce could put a spell on it to make it impervious to feline predations.

I'll keep working on it.

Though it is good and sturdy when I think that Jack weighs almost twenty pounds and nothing broke.

He also decided to look over the living room from a greater height than usual.  Crazy cat.

But I did decide on Saturday to bite the bullet and make the windows for the Downtown Loft.  I'd purchased some but the tall side window and the skylights would need some custom frames made.

That took me a pretty good part of Saturday. 

I also did some more work on the spiral staircase.  I got it primed with gesso and I think having it a uniform color looks good.  I'll paint it black sooner or later.

I'm not entirely thrilled with how the spindles are leaning a bit but I think once I get it into the house it won't be as noticeable.

Sunday I started to work on the front elevation for the bookstore.  I wanted to fancy it up a bit so I tried a few different things.  Some of my jewelry findings and wood trim.

The jewelry findings and the smaller wood trim didn't really work for me.  But I liked how the larger pieces looked.  

So I added some raised panels to the second floor lower sections.

That gave the second floor a little echo of the first floor.  And I added my trim back.

I thought about adding some of the jewelry findings to the panels.

I still might.  But right now I think simple works better.  I added some crown molding to the upper portion of the second floor and some quarter round and half round trim.  I also added some baseboard to the bottom. It fancies it up a bit and disguises the joins between the two pieces.  I only had one piece of it and it was broken so this was a good use for it.

I also cut some pieces for my mansard roof out of foamcore board.  I painted them black because it's my experience that if you don't no matter what something white shows through when you take a picture.  Then I got my dormer openings cut out.

My biggest concern is that it's looking more Parisian than Victorian London.  The good news is that if I decide I hate the scrollwork I can pry it off.

I'm thinking about how to finish the outside, the type of floors I want and the layout of the third floor.  I've got some fancier flooring and beadboard left from NOLA House so I might try to use some of that.  But I don't want to complicate things too much.  Maybe I could do a herringbone floor on the ground level?  I'll need to think about it.

Some good news is that if I need filler books I can borrow from the study in the Gothic Victorian.  And I have plenty of kits to make furniture.  Still debating whether I should paint the bookshelves in the shop or stain them.  Stain might be more traditional.  And I've got plenty from when I was working on the barewood furniture for the WQRC.

I'm trying to remember to post to Instagram as well as the blog but I'll admit it's not my favorite.  I'm better at writing than I am picture taking.  How are all of you doing?