Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Working Container Doors & Light Fixtures

 I haven't felt like I made a ton of progress in the last couple weeks, but Sunday things finally came together and I got some things done.

My biggest accomplishment was getting a good start on the Container Doors which will serve as a sort of shutter for sliding glass doors next to the stairs on the lower level. 

I started out with the frame, and forgot to take pictures of it. Of course. Then built it up so I could have the sliding glass doors 'behind' the 'metal' container doors.

The doors I used a combination of matboard and plastic siding, rearranged a few times to see which look I liked.

Originally the plan was to use the wooden channel trim for the edges but I didn't like how it looked. So I tried it without the wood.

Better. But I still have some slight unevenness. So I added some very thin cardboard to level things out.

Somehow the layers shifted slightly when I glued them, but with a little judicious trimming to even things up, and a thin layer of paper on the sides to hide the gaps from the siding they fit the frame well.

I'm working on the hinges and corners now. And now that I've got the measurements down I'll cut the next set in with my Cricut.

My other big accomplishment in the past couple weeks has been baskets. I found a tutorial on Pinterest that shows how to make mini baskets out of rope. So I gave it a try.  Then got another hot glue gun and tried again.

I need to find very narrow nozzles for the hot glue gun, because too much comes out and then it doesn't look very nice. Any recommendations will be appreciated.

I also tried a more traditional basket with paper covered wire and I like it but again, it could look nicer. Need to practice more I guess.

My first effort.

A laundry basket. It needs a lid.

Second try, something for towels maybe?

And finally, the rest of them.

The dark one will be for outside I think, maybe to hold some wood for a firepit? We'll see.

I also got an order from Shapeways. Some of Marion's lights, some exterior lights and a couple of bowls. 

These are for the kitchen, over the peninsula and sink.

These will be for the exterior. They look like they take standard little screw in sockets.

I thought of using one of these bowls as a ceiling fixture in the bathroom.

This one has more of a basket weave look and I think I like it better.

But that's it for the last couple of weeks.

Hope you all are having a good May!