Tuesday, December 24, 2019

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone is having a lovely week. Since I have yet to make a room box just for Christmas (its on the list) I'm putting up reruns of my Christmas Lanterns.


Merry Christmas Everyone!

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Fine Print Submission Pictures

I chose the four pictures to which I am limited for submission and turned them in.  And then I gave myself a mini break.  Not a small break. But a break from doing minis.  I've got some 1:1 scale house projects (which I haven't done either), reading to do, writing, and just in general being lazy.

I'm so excited to see everyone else's entries.  You've got until midnight tomorrow to get them submitted.  I know you can do it!

Here are my four photos:

Once I rearrange my work and storage space some I'll likely start working on the Loft again.  Hope you are all having a wonderful and safe holiday season!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

Fine Print Open For Business

Well! All done.  Got over eighty pictures taken and chose four for submission.  I'm improving, last year I had over a hundred.

So starting out with the exterior...

The first floor is a shop front I bought from Miniatures.com.  I used baseboards, crown molding and wood to embellish it and attach the front of the kit to the top of the shop front.

I filled in the space for the doorways and built up the depth of the shallow windows so I could use all four across the front of the second floor.

The third floor is more wood, trim and windows I bought on sale, again from Miniatures.com.  The mansard roof is foamcore board covered with wood shingles painted to look like slate.  I made the decorative grill from a strip of wood, pieces of spindles and paper covered wire wrapped around it then painted black and black metallic on top of it.

I bought a brick stencil from Moonflower Minis on Etsy and used drywall spackle for my brick, painted it and then sealed it with ceramcoat before grouting and resealing it.  The stone texture on the roof lip and corbels is sugar texture medium.

The stone and brick on the base and corners of the shop are egg carton brick and stone.  The lights are from Miniatures.com.  And the sign letters are from Hobby Lobby.  I sanded them down a bit to make them fit in my space and painted them gold, aged with black.

The first floor, the main shop space, doesn't have a ton of floor space.  I read up on shopping in Victorian times and people would line up at the counter, request what they wanted and a clerk would get it for them.  Bookstores were a bit different because people wanted to browse.  But I still didn't see it as having a huge open space really.

The one thing I noticed about the pictures I found of different shops, was that they were crowded with goods. The walls didn't have a lot of bare spots.

And of course I had to have the cats come and keep me company while I took pictures.  Austen is lounging across the newspapers and fashion magazines.

Dickens is waiting his turn on the table top.  Bronte thinks the floor is too cold and jumps from the staircase to the top of the bookshelf nearby.

The bookshelves were barewood from Minimum World as was the counter.  I made the staircase from spindles, wood fan blades and beads and a lot of the books and newspapers from free printies.  I also bought bookmaking kits from LDelaney on Etsy.  I made the cabinet display tables from House of Miniatures kits and the display racks and stands from woodsies and spindle pieces.

More of the books, magazines and papers came from Lilliput Treasures, PetiteGiteMiniatures, LittleThingsInterest, and MiniShacks on Etsy.  The cash register and lamp I found on Ebay.  The rest of the light fixtures came from Miniatures.com.  And the stove was also an Ebay find, though the 'fire' light inside came from Miniatures.com as well.

Barbara sent me a bunch of books and a beautiful atlas that I refuse to glue anywhere... it's too pretty to make immobile.  I couldn't find a place for it in this build so it's very carefully kept in its little bag.  I love the little sign, and maybe it'll end up as décor in a more modern build.

The crown molding is also from Miniatures.com.

On the second floor, I left the center open, so the clerks or patrons could look over the railing to the first floor.  I imagine there's a lot of speaking between floors.  As you can see, all three cats enjoy the view from the railings and lounge there as only cats are able.

I made the door to the 'staircase' from scrap wood and painted it to resemble the actual door on the third floor with similar trim.  I went with single light sconces on the second floor since the chandelier would provide light as well.

I can't remember where the pictures came from.  Probably HBS but I can't be certain.

They like to move around, an easy leap from the railing to the top of another bookshelf, and thus a nice view out the windows.

Sometimes it's easier to take pictures when the lights are out.

I like the view here, seeing the staircase in the corner.

For layout the third floor living quarters gave me the most trouble.  Not easy to arrange the furniture for practicality and photography.  It had to look realistic as far as placement but I didn't want to block out details I'd taken such pains to add.

Dickens is guarding the wonderful copy of Pride and Prejudice Deborah made for me.  It's readable and absolutely gorgeous.  She sent it along with some little blank books for my shelves and I just adore it.  Another book I could not glue down, so it stays on the bed where it's safe!

The fish, sausages and turnips are from Etsy, they are the goods I'd ordered for the WQRC and they didn't arrive until well after Christmas.  When they arrived they also stank to high heaven of I don't know what.  Thankfully they don't smell anymore.  Otherwise Bronte wouldn't go near them.

One of the few flat walls in the living quarters so I could hang these two portraits over the door.

The gorgeous bonnet is from Just For You Miniatures. I bought it ages ago for my Gothic Victorian and it looked so good here I had to kidnap it.

I made the hair brush from some wood and the bristles are from an old paint brush.  The mother of pearl back is from an old necklace I'd taken apart for my bead stash.  The small blue, pink and white 'jar' is a bead with a jewelry finding and another bead on top to make a place to keep hair from the brush.  Jewelry made from hair was still pretty common in Victorian times, according to my reading.  Ladies would have three hair brushes. One for that day, one from the day before which was drying from being washed, and a third to lend to a friend if needed.  Brushing one's hair removed all the dust, coal and other types, that had accumulated during the day.  You washed the brush and let it dry while using the other one and kept switching them out.

It's toasty warm by the stove. Another Ebay find.

Bronte, Austen and Dickens are all creations of Maya Schippl.

I made the throw at the end of the bed.

I made the bureau from a House of Miniatures kit.  The blue upholstered chair is an Ebay find, and the bed is from my stash.  The rest of the furniture is from Minimum World. I bought a bunch at half price last year.

The mattress and pillow are from Minibeddingshop and the quilt is from MiniBargains, both on Etsy.

The mirror on the dresser is from Smallsminnimall.  The lamp is an ebay find as are the bottles.  I got the pretty box from an online mini show.  The clock is from Minimum World.

The letters, paperwork and leather-bound book on the desk are from FrancesLanePark on Etsy. I made the ink bottles and dip pens.

The blue glass pitcher is from Keli and the 'copper' pots are from Ebay (I think) I've had them in my stash for a while.  The green bowls are from Susi, I won a drawing of hers a couple years back.  The metal canisters are from Miniatures.com as is the wooden box.  The white plates and bowls are from Hobby Lobby and Ebay.  The packages of food are reallllly old, (I got them when I was thirteen? I think) although you can still buy them.