Sunday, June 28, 2020

Trim and Wallpaper

This weekend I got a bit more done on the roombox.  I'd ordered a bunch of seed beads and bugle beads and had to get them all sorted out.

I'm toying with the idea of making a chandelier and some fancy sconces for the music room and had nothing in the way of supplies.  So I'm going to have some fun researching how to make them and the types I could manage.

I'm testing rugs to see which I like best in the room.  So far I like all of them really.

So I got a late start on Saturday but I got the wainscoting put together.

And I got the wainscoting, the window trim, windows and doors painted.

And the wallpaper went up.  I'm pretty pleased with how it looks so far.

I managed to get the crown molding cut up but I decided I'd paint it next week.

I ordered some of Marion's window fixtures and they were supposed to arrive Friday but apparently two day shipping doesn't mean the same thing to me as it does to UPS.  So they'll be here on Monday.
I can't really put the windows in or anything on the outside until I get the lighting completely figured out.

But I'm satisfied with my progress for now.  Maybe I'll put siding on the outside?

I hope everyone is having a great weekend!

Sunday, June 21, 2020

Inset Shelves

So not a ton of pictures this week.  It was a more labor intensive weekend than picture worthy.

I wanted to do a false wall with shelves inset on either side of a door.  It took me a bit of time to figure out how to do it and if I wanted arched shelves or regular squared off ones.

I decided I wanted arched shelves but I don't have any circle stencils so I used the curve of my blue painters tape roll to get the tops.  The wall is matboard since I've found that's easier to glue trim to matboard than foamcore board.

The next step was making trim for the openings.  I used more matboard and layered it, sanding the edges so it would look more like carved wood.

I couldn't do it in one continuous piece so I cut an arch and then straight pieces.

I built a framework around the openings with foam-core.

There was a lot of gluing and waiting for glue to dry this weekend.

I painted everything white and cut the wallpaper for the openings.  I painted the actual back wall with chalk paint in Cascade so it would dry while I glued on the wallpaper.

I added some lights to the arches with some silver bead covers.  I glued and painted my wainscoting and door trim and got it glued to the wall and added flooring to the base.

I thought about doing herringbone again but ultimately I decided to go with something more simple.

I ended up cutting the actual back wall in half and I'll hinge it so I can get to the electrical stuff without having to pull everything apart.

But a good start I think.

I hope everyone else is having a great weekend!  And Happy Father's Day to everyone!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Finished the Roombox! And Started a New Project

First things first.  I added wood 'paneling' to the top and sides of the box.  And some purple patterned scrapbook paper to the back.  I stained the wood Dark Walnut.

I used corner molding to give it a finished look and then added a poly semi-gloss so dusting would be easier.

The wiring is hidden in the off-white book on the very end.

I added some magnets to hold it shut.

I also cat-knapped Boadicea (kinda punny) from the WQRC to be the Black Cat.  And took some pictures of how everything looks.


This is where it will live.  I'm excited to be done because I've got a new project.  I don't think it'll take me a huge long time, but I'm still very excited about it.

A few years back Keli sent me a gorgeous harpsichord.  And I knew I wanted to do a room box that was a music room.

Luckily I have plenty of kits that I can adapt.  So I grabbed the Serendipity Shed pieces I had.  I wanted to do a room with double French doors on the front.  Something that is easy to see inside.

Way back when Brae was working on her windmill she made a pair of beautiful embroidered stools.  I fell in love with them and snatched them up when she decided she wanted to use different colors and put them on Ebay.

This year my husband and I were both stricken by allergies during the month of May for most of the month.  In retrospect I can't really blame him. (He was lucky to remember the month.) But he forgot my birthday.

To make it up to me he encouraged me to bid until I won a gorgeous miniature grand piano on Ebay.

I found some pretty wallpaper that looks very nice with the cushion colors.

My plan is to have a false wall with shelves inset.  I'll do wainscoting with raised panels around the room.  I can put sheet music on them, possibly a violin or other small instruments or a metronome.

The plan is to have the wainscoting, doors and most of the wood trim painted white.  If I can manage it I'll do a 'plaster' ceiling again.  I'll look through my electrical stash for lights that would be appropriate for the formal look of the room.  I have a spinet coming and some rugs as well.

I'll need to turn the French doors around, so they open to the outside instead of inward, but that's not a big deal. I don't think?  We'll see.

I'm pretty excited, mostly because it's so simple but it's going to be fun and something just because.

How are all you doing?

Thursday, June 11, 2020

What Happened In May

In May a lot of stuff happened.  Heather from HBS Miniatures asked if I'd do a live tour of Fine Print for their Instagram.  Today it went live.  So very exciting.

Here are the links:

I don't consider myself very good at video.  You all have seen my photography which in some cases is only worthy of the name because I used a camera.

But I hope you all enjoy it.

The other thing that happened in May was MayMiniMakers which was started by @littletreasuretrunks over on Instagram.  I highly encourage everyone to check them out!

So I thought I'd put up all the pictures I posted on Instagram for each day.

Day 1, What Do I Mini,  I love magic things.

Day 2, Photography, Photography squared.

Day 3, Where In the World Am I, Where do I mini? Somewhere in north Texas.

Day 4, Star, My star, the sun at the center of the WQRC ornery in her observation tower room.

Day 5, What I did today. Couch, TV, laptop, reading, tissues and cats. Obviously, I was still sick.

Day 6, Rainbow, The closest I have to a rainbow. The spun thread and drying racks in the WQRC workroom.

Day 7, pink. Part 1. Funnily enough I don't have a lot of pink in my minis. I should get more.

Day 7, part 2, pink. The bed and chair for part 1.

Day 8, two of a kind. The chairs from Kris's kit at @hbsminiatures .

Day 9, tools. Some of my tools.

Day 10, dark, The WQRC all lit up in the dark.

Day 11, teeny tiny, Relatively speaking, these are tiny to me. Bringing them to work to convince someone that yes she can do mini art.

Day 12,close up, Remy got into the laundry basket again. NOLA house bathroom.

Day 13, Fruity,

Day 14, Throwback Thursday, the first Dollhouse I built when I picked this hobby back up again after 20 years absence. It predates the building inspector but as you can see, my girl Miho has that duty covered.

Day 15, baby soft, Leave it to a cat to find the softest spot in the house. Pillows by @otterinesminiatures, cat and toy by

Day16, floral, The flower garden front yard of the Craftsman Tiny house.
My sources for the birds and birdbath.

Day 17, light, My Tide pod container laundry room. The light is a crystal drawer handle.

Day 18, Splash of color, The feature wall of my first contest build. Fabric as wallpaper.

Day 18, Color splash, part 2, Happy birthday to me. Dishes are from @jodihippler Shapeways shop.

Day 19, Stripes, Had to go all the way back to my first build. Gothic Victorian second floor hallway.

Day 20, metallic, We're doing 'wayback Wednesday ' for this, to the kitchen backsplash of my first contest build.

Day 21, a miniature mini, making a miniature Dollhouse.

Day 22, Fit for a fairy, My tiny fairy tale lantern

ay 23, a collection, I love these mid-century modern chairs. I might have a small hoarding problem.

Day 24, what inspires me, It might be odd but nothing inspires me more than a new kit. It's like a blank slate and I love imagining what it could be.

Day 25, blues, Blue is one of my favorite colors. Soothing but visually interesting. So here's a collage of some of my blue in my builds.

Day 26, texture, It might seem simple at first but the WQRC bed has so many textures. The curtains are satiny with soft tassels and cord to hold them back. The blanket is a slightly nubby woven fabric. The sheets are an antique handkerchief, soft with a slightly rougher feel to the lace. And the throw is a luxurious mink. A Lot of work went into Cecelia's bed.

Day 27, scale, so I took this a little too literally?

Day 28, flat lay, I had to look this up because I had no clue what it meant. A while back I bought a ton of flowers on Ebay and this seemed like a good time to show them off.

Day 29, Paperclip challenge, The hangers in the loft of the Craftsman Tiny house, all made from rubber coated paperclips. 

Day 30, pattern, I have tons (maybe not literally, but a lot) of fabric. I used to sew more than mini pieces. And I can't (or won't try to) resist the fabric section of the store. I love a mix of patterns and textures to decorate a mini house. Fun but interesting to look at.

Day 31,What's next? 

Honestly not sure. I want to finish the Downtown Loft but I also really want to do another room box and do a music room. 

In other news, I'm almost done with Poe's roombox and I'm excited to do something else next!

Hope everyone is having a great week!