Saturday, February 7, 2015

Clean Slate

So... yeah.  I start out like that a lot.  In my defense I tend to do that in real life too, not just on the blog.  But people in real life, they, you know, respond.  Not so much on the blog.  Yeah, I'm an idiot.  I'm self aware so its okay.

But, clean slate.  Which implies a do over, a new start or blank canvas. 

I've mentioned the Creatin' Contest.

Oh, if you want to see how badly outclassed I may be, check out the 21st Annual Creatin' Contest winners.  They're freakin' amazing! 1919

But before I could do anything I needed to have a space to work.  Hence the blog title.

I talked my husband into moving a few things around, and he, (thank God!) was willing to enable my addiction once again.

And now I have a work space.

Look! OMG its a (mostly) clean table!
 But where did the Gothic Victorian go you might ask.  (Please tell me someone asked or else this next part is totally unnecessary.)

Oh, it went over here...where the recumbent bike used to be.

Tali seems pleased...not as high but still, higher than the table.
I anticipate a lot of jumping from the corner climbing tree to the top of the dollhouse case.  But that's okay.  It should be a little more stable on the floor rather than the table, less shaking. I hope.

I still have things to do on the Bungalow, but I'm actually getting a bit revved up for the new project.  most of which I probably won't be able to show you until after its sent to the contest.  But I'll try bits and pieces and I want to have some room on the table for other projects too.  We'll see how that goes.

Have a great weekend folks.  I'm going to sit for a bit and enjoy some alcoholic beverages with my husband.