Sunday, July 30, 2017

Revised Murphy Bed

This weekend didn't feel particularly productive.  I started out on the wrong foot when I realized my murphy bed frame was too tall for the area I wanted it in.  I had to start over again.

But I did get it figured out.  I had to make it a bit deeper than the mattress box to accommodate the roof stop column.  So I put a few little shelves in it for books and an alarm clock.  I'm debating putting sconces in it but I don't think I will.  I then managed to adjust the mattress box so it would work off a pivot point that wasn't the edge of the frame.

The upper left corner will brush the ceiling but I think it'll still look pretty good.  I stained it the same cherry I've been using on the trim and doors. 

You can sort of see the shelves I put in.  They're pretty narrow in depth but they're more for detail than function.  I'm not sure if I'll panel the wall with some thin boards below the window to give the illusion of a headboard or not.

I need to build a short cupboard to go at the foot of the bed for storage and I'm thinking of using a House of Miniatures kit to make a small bureau that'll serve as a bedside table for a lamp.

I filled in all the little cracks and goofs on the cabinets with wood putty and sanded them down.  I need to figure out their placement and then start work on the backsplash.  I think I've got the spots for all the lights figured out so I'll probably take the house apart pretty soon to cut the routs for the wiring.  Then I can texture the walls and paint.

It's not super noticeable but I also got the bathroom door hung.  It's not permanent, it would just get bumped and messed with every time I took the bathroom out if I'd stuck it on there permanently.

I can also remove it to paint the nail heads bronze if I feel like it.

Not a bad weekend's work but it definitely wasn't my most productive.  Hopefully next weekend will be better.

The only other interesting thing was a picture I came across on Pinterest and thought immediately that it would be a cool dollhouse.  It's the Race Rock Island Lighthouse in New York.

I've never seen one built this way before, with the lighthouse tower being so integral to the house.

I think if I found the right dollhouse kit to bash that it might be a fun project in the future. 


  1. Your Murphy Bed looks quite comfortable Sheila and your installation of it and the industrial sliding door look Really Cool!
    As to the house on the rock- you are so Right; that would be a FUN PROJECT for you for the future! And I think that it kind of has the Greenleaf "Arthur" look to the front - hint hint ;D


    1. Thanks! Such a frustrating start to the weekend but at least I got something done.

      I'll have to keep an eye out for the kit! Thanks.

  2. What a fun loft! :D Who wouldn't love a cozy nook like that?!

    I also love me an interesting lighthouse. :D

    1. Thanks! Now I just need to get a few cabinets or drawers up there.

      I saw a picture of the one in Chicago while I was looking and had to go back and take a virtual tour of yours again.

  3. The Murphy bed looks great - quite an engendering accomplishment that also looks adorable! The bathroom door is just awesome! I love the stain with the hardware - too cute!
    It is always so much fun to plan a new project and this idea looks like an opportunity to do something spectacular. Depending on what next year's Creatin' Contest kit shell will look like, you might even be able to adapt it to that.
    Have a great week - I hope your frustrations are in the rear view!

    1. Engendering, lol! Thanks, spell check!

    2. Thank you! I'm just grateful that it worked out this time. I wasn't looking forward to seeing if the third time was the charm.

      I'm really curious about next years kit. But I also want to work on my other projects as well so its a balancing act.

    3. Engendering is a word? Interesting.

  4. I love the murphy bed! I think it's so beautiful! And the lighthouse looks like a great project!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad the murphy bed turned out more size appropriate this time around. I'm cautiously excited about the lighthouse. I've got a couple of projects ahead of it.