Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Walls Paint Color

We've talked about how I can't do anything the easy way right?

So now that I've got the interior window trim fixed up and stained I started to think about the paint color I want for the walls.  I want something neutral since the house will have quite a few bright colors in the tiles and the fabrics I'm using. 

So I got out my paint and started testing it on the interior wall that comes with the house and put one of the little windows and the fireplace next to my test colors.

I know it might seem like they're all the same but they are different paints.  I was smart this time around and numbered my samples and the matching bottles.

My paint colors are:

  1. Pacific Khaki - Behr Ultra
  2. Mystery color - Behr Ultra
  3. Buttermilk - Americana
  4. Warm White - Americana
  5. Oyster Beige - Americana
  6. Bleached Sand - Americana
  7. Coffee Latte - Folk Art
  8. Mix of 2 & 5
Here's the window up against the colors:

The khaki seems a little greenish to me, and the mystery color just blends right into the cherry stain.

And the Buttermilk isn't bad but its very yellow looking.

The Warm White is too stark.  The Oyster Beige is the best so far but I'm not in love.

Here the Bleached Sand is just a bit blech and the Coffee Latte is almost the same color as the stain.  No go.

I got my husband's opinion and we both liked the Oyster Beige the best out of all of them, but the mystery color was a close second.

So of course I decided to see what would happen if I mixed them up. 

So of course I like it best.  Creamy and neutral but not boring. At least not to me. 

I painted some other wood samples just to see how it would do, and to have a sample I can bring with me to Home Depot to get it matched.

I still like it.  And I would have just mixed up a bunch of color like I did NOLA House but I don't have a lot of the Oyster Beige and I also don't have all my walls cut out for the bathroom. 

So I think tomorrow after work I'll go to Home Depot with my paints and samples and ask them to mix up something to match it. 

Oh, and here it is with my fabrics. 

It's neutral but its still a color if you know what I mean.

I think it'll look pretty good. 

What do all of you think? 


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! I'm pretty pleased with how it looks. Now I just need to build the bathroom walls.

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! Once I get the walls painted I can put windows and trim on.

  3. Hi Sheila. I initially liked the mystery colour, but I think with your fabrics, the more neautral mix you made looks better. And it's a little warmer than many of the others.

    1. Thanks! The mystery color is nice but I wanted something a little lighter so the trim pops a bit more.

  4. I really like the neutral you've selected Sheila but don't forget that the color will alter somewhat once it is on the walls, with the ceiling installed and the incandescent lights are turned on; but seeing it on the desk it looks like a great choice with the fabrics. :))

    1. Thanks! I'm hoping it won't alter too much since I deliberately tested it on the wall that came with the kit.

  5. Very pretty and creamy color! I think it is a nice complement to both the tiles and the stain, Can't wait to see it on the walls!

    1. Thank you! I'm going after work today to get the color matched. Very excited.

  6. What a smart idea Sheila!! At first I was like, no way, she is not going to hand mix those two colours for the entire interior!! Nope you are much too smart! I wouldn't even have thought of getting it colour matched!
    I love the shade too! It's a perfect match for the fabric and compliments all the wood work :)

    1. Thank you! I went today after work and they matched it easy peasy. I got three other colors of blue/teal and I'm going to test them out with the wall color.

  7. I like the neutral color - great fabric choices for a pop of color. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thanks! I'm trying to figure out a texture for the walls before I paint.

  8. The fabrics are lovely! I especially like the multi-colored pattern and think it goes well with the tiles! I would go with a warmer neutral, I like the buttermilk because I love pale yellows.... but I can also see it with the paler mushroom colors. One thing to keep in mind is that the colors will appear darker when inside the enclosed room... the walls reflect off each other and tend to intensify a color! In small mini rooms this can be quite dramatic! I have had to redo in a paler tone as a result! I really look forward to seeing this come together!

    1. Thanks! That's part of why I went with a custom mix. The lighter color is in the same family as the mystery color but not as dark. Plus I'm planning on plenty of lights to give it a warm cozy feeling.

      That's actually my next step once I get my walls built. Figure out where and how to do my lights.

  9. Great idea. I love the fabric colors.