Thursday, February 14, 2019

2018 Creatin' Contest - Grand Prize Winner... Me!

The alternative post title was 'The screech of shock heard around the world'. But that was a little unwieldy as a sentence.

Guys it was soooo hard to not tell you.  Thanks so much for all your good wishes, positive thinking and support!  Most of you have already seen the pictures of the Cottage but here is the link.

I'm so excited!  I couldn't have done this without all of you cheering me on and giving me advice.

Thank you all so much!

Monday, February 11, 2019

2018 Creatin' Contest - First, Second & Third Place

I'm so amazed by these builds.  They're gorgeous!  So unique and interesting.  I get so excited when I get this email. has them all up, though I had trouble looking at one of the pictures of the Third Place entry. 

In first place, Crafter's Retreat by Karen Hritz

I've got to say I love the details on the inside, but the exterior is just breathtaking!

In second place, The Little Yoga Studio by Sarah Santosa

Sarah is another first time entrant and I'm just amazed.  I feel relaxed just looking at these pics.

In third place, My Minka by Bonnie Cross

That landscaping! Everything is just so pretty.

I haven't had time yet to go searching for blogs or Instagram pages, I wanted to get the post up so I could show off all these great winners.  I'll try to get everything updated with links as I find them.

Congratulations everyone!

Thursday, February 7, 2019

2018 Creatin' Contest - Honorable Mentions

Hey You Guys! (I get flashbacks to Super Grover whenever I use that phrase.)

The Honorable Mentions are up!  And oh wow are they cool!  Here's the link to

Here they are, in no particular order:

Itsy Bitsy Minis Miniature Store by Brenda Greeson  She's a first time entrant too!

Love that display window and the mini kit!

Small Wonder, NY 00241 by Janice Harrison, another first timer!

Great use of cutouts!  Reminds me of Kristine!  And I'm getting so hungry looking at those sweets.

"Not Too Shabby" A Chic Boutique & Design Studio by Donna Hartline

Beautiful use of pastels and shabby chic decor!

HRH & Co Apothecary by Holly Hemmer

I love that rich shelving and those beautiful jars!

Woodland County School by Monika Lowder

Wish I could see more of the inside!  But I love the little playground.

Woodland Cottage by Kim Miller

I think that rustic island is my favorite.

Half Clocked by Brae Oktober (I remember this.  I still swoon over Brae's clocks)

I'm just in love.  I want to shrink and wander around staring at the clocks for hours.

The Natural Philospher's Study by Gina Zetts.   She's also on Instagram!

That spiral stair!  And the bookcases!  Wow!

Congratulations to everyone!  And again, if any of these folks have blogs or Instagrams or other sites I'll be happy to add links in so everyone can go look.

Have a great day and happy mini-ing!