Monday, July 3, 2017

Fabric Choices

You would think that I'm someone who plans shopping trips carefully.  Everything listed out, things I need to match safely stowed in my purse.

You would be very wrong.  My approach to shopping only rarely meets the above criteria.  Usually its more of a 'I need to run to Hobby Lobby at lunch for stuff'.  And stuff always ends up being a lot of things that I'll use but not a lot I planned for.

This occasion was one where I did have a short list. 'Find Fabric for house'.  But did I bring my beads/tiles to match? No.  Did I bring a sample of the cherry stain? No. 

In short, did I bring anything that would help me make this purchase easier?

No. Of course not. 

But in spite of all that I don't think I did too badly.  Hobby Lobby was having a sale on quilting/calico fabrics so I got 30% off.  That was nice.

And I lucked out in that I think I found some winners.

Here's all four of the fabrics I bought together with the fireplace.

One pale teal with white dots. One off white with multi colored dots/circles.  One plain turquoise.  And one darker teal with white flowers and darker teal centers.

Here they are, one by one, next to the fireplace.

Teal with white dots

Darker teal with white flowers and darker centers

Turquoise... looking a bit washed out for some reason.

Off white with multi colored dots
Of all of them, I think the multi color is something that matches multiple colors of the tiles and will look the best as the window seat cushion. 

I don't think I want to make an upholstered chair with it, mostly because it'll be too much.  But I do think a set of chairs in a plain offwhite or maybe a creamy tan will look good and I can make cushions out of this fabric. 

But I could use the turquoise to make some trim for the cushions and chairs.  Tie it all together that way?  Not sure about that.  Have to see.

The darker teal with the flowers will be nice as a bedspread, with some off white sheets and pillows?

That's the other thing I was thinking of.  The bed in the loft.  I was thinking of doing a Murphy Bed, folding up into the wall.  Then I wouldn't need a huge loft. 

But it would have to be something like this, to have the side of the bed as the axis, not the head or foot, otherwise it wouldn't fit properly. (I think I'm using the word axis properly. Hopefully.)

Obviously I couldn't do anything massive like these pieces of furniture but a simple box with a hinge, a cabinet next to it for the pillows and it'd be all set.

My other question is window treatments.  After all the trouble I went to on the trim and mullions, I'm not sure I want to fuss with curtains or anything. 

What do all of you think?


  1. I like those fabrics and agree the multi is lovely with the fireplace. You could easily use the blues as accents. How about simple roller shades...fabric glued over a wood dowel?

    1. Thanks! I fell in love with that fabric, its so much fun.

      That's a thought. Maybe not for the picture window but for the smaller ones so it looks like the shade could be pulled down.

  2. Nice picks for the fabric! Seeing them is getting me excited for the inside stuff! I love the bed idea and am intrigued at what you'll come up with for the loft!

    I have taken to adding a running list of "necessities" in the Notes app on my phone. That way, whenever and wherever I decide to stop-n-shop, I have a better chance remembering stuff. You could always store some photos on your phone, too - just for reference...

    1. Thank you! I'm thinking of a ladder to go up to the loft rather than a staircase.

      I argue with my phone so much sometimes that I don't even want to touch it. Technology and I don't always get along. Though I do carry a notepad around in my purse so I can write things down as they occur to me.

  3. I think given you didn't take any samples, they all worked out well! They will make for nice bright accents.

    1. Thanks! Nope, no samples. I bought a third of a yard of each of them so I'd have plenty of fabric.

  4. I think that all of your fabric choices were good ones and yet each will bring something different to the table.
    I think that the Murphy bed is a Terrific Idea and very practical given the size of your house. Also like Brae's idea of a roller shade or Roman blinds, so that you can have some privacy but can still see through the glass and get the light.


    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to getting some of this planned out.

  5. Very pretty choices! Wasn't expecting the colour and I love it :) The prints are a great scale to work with :)

    1. Thank you! I'm excited to get the colors on the furniture. And they were on sale which is always awesome.