Saturday, August 12, 2017

Making Furniture

Well this morning I knew I couldn't do anything really big because the husband had a work thing that involved the city library van which meant I needed to pick him up and take him back to his car.  So doing anything that couldn't stand interruption was right out.

So I made some more furniture and redid the wheels on my barn door. 

It occurred to me that I needed a cabinet to keep pillows in so I nuked a hutch cabinet and removed the shelves from the top.  I didn't like the brass hardware so I replaced it with bronze and added some casters to the bottom.  I painted it with the same paint as the bathroom walls and then sanded the edges so it'll look a little worn out.

The idea is that all the furniture in the loft can be moved around except the murphy bed which'll fold up.

The next project started up because it occurred to me that our resident had no where to hang clothing.  Of course now I'll need to make some clothing and hangers.

But I started with the moving closet.  I took legs from a couple of House of Miniature candle stand kits and some pieces of wood.  I used my dremel sanding head to add some curves and stained everything with cherry stain.  Some brass pipe lengths and nails to make the rails and finish the ends and I had a clothing rack.  I added casters to the bottom so it could be pushed out of the way when necessary.

Now I'll be looking up tutorials on how to make mini clothing on hangers but at least I have something to hang them on.

The wheels for my barn door had gotten loose and so the door was hanging oddly.  Makin some thicker wheel braces and using toothpicks for the nails and axle seems to have done the trick.

It's a little weird in the picture, I wonder if I hung it wobbly.

The only other thing I did was paint the bathroom fittings I ordered from Shapeways.  I painted them the same way I had the shower and sink fixtures, with some metallic bronze.

I may add a bit more of the black to give the hangers some definition but I'm not sure yet. 

But that's been my Saturday so far. 

Here's a couple of shots of the loft.

One with the murphy bed up:

And one with it down:

I think since I've pretty much got the layout down I'll end up taking the house apart tomorrow so I can rout out the wire paths and start finishing the interior.  I'm not looking forward to this.  I'm still trying to figure out how to hide the wiring when I'm not using wallpaper.

Oh well.  Have to bite the bullet sometime.  Hope everyone else is having a good weekend!

Sunday, August 6, 2017

My Arms Are Tired

Because I just flew in from Vegas... badum bump.  Always makes my husband laugh.  But we're kind of nerds.

The reason my arms are tired is because I don't have a table saw.

Maybe I should start from the beginning.  We had to buy new mattresses, and while we did that I talked my husband into finally getting a headboard for the bed.  But the bedside tables we had wouldn't fit.

To be honest I didn't mind that much, they were beat up and the drawers wouldn't close properly.  So I found some new ones cheap and put them together.
Colburn Modern and Contemporary 2-Drawer Dark Brown Finish Wood Storage Nightstand Bedside Table
My husband liked that the drawers worked but they were very short, less than sixteen inches tall.  He hated that. 

So I spent some time trying to figure out how to make them taller.  Home Depot to the rescue.  I found some table legs and braces that would work.

Waddell 7.5 in. Wood Round Taper Table Leg

The only issue was that because of how the nightstands were made there was no place to attach the back half of the braces.  So I bought a length of wood I could cut to the right height.  Hence the sore arms. 

But once I got that done the rest was smooth sailing. 

Apart from a Siamese deciding she wanted to be part of the photo shoot. 

But after I got all that done I had to clean up the mess of sawdust and empty packages and tags.  And I was free to start working on miniature furniture again. 

I started with the House Of Miniature's kit bachelor chest.  I want to use it as a bedside table.  (Sort of the weekend theme.) 

I didn't really do much bashing to it other than adding casters to the bottom so I could roll it from side to side.  And I changed the handles to look a bit more modern.  I used a Minwax stain pen in Ebony to give it a bit of a change from the cherry I used on the murphy bed.

I don't think it turned out too badly. 

But I doubt I'll get much else accomplished this weekend.  How is everyone else doing?