Saturday, July 8, 2017

Kitchen Layout & Bathroom Construction

So before I start to paint, I have to figure out where I want my lights.  And before that I need to figure out the layout.

I mostly had an idea of where everything was going to go.  I just needed to get the particulars down.  So I took all the cabinets I'd made and the stove I bought and got them set up in the kitchen corner.

I actually need to make a fridge and it'll go next to the stove rather than have the little half fridge under the larger window.  But I'm planning on making a little desk to go where the fridge is now.  A nice workspace.

Bathroom walls and you can see how they'll come right up against the fireplace built-in bookshelf.

I'm planning a sliding barnstyle door for the bathroom.  The stairs/ladder to the loft will go next to it, I'm working on a way to have them slide up and down so they don't take up so much floor space.

But in the meantime I had to build out the bathroom.  I'm going with Shannon's suggestion (I think it was Shannon who suggested it anyway) of a room that slides in and out so I can get to everything in the kitchen behind it. 

So basically building a box to go in a box.  And that means making sure the loft floor is level with the ceiling of the bathroom and the bathroom floor is the same height as the rest of the house.  The lighting for the bathroom will have to be powered off its own battery since the room pulls in and out and I don't want to break wires every time I move it. 

But I managed to get it built and a reasonable facsimile of the sink to go with the tub and toilet.

The view from the doorway so far.

And the view from the back opening.  Space saving toilet and a temporary sink.

I thought about using something like this for a sink base but it's too wide I think.

I want something a little narrower so there's room on either side of the sink.

I decided on the beige speckle peel and stick tile floor from so it won't get too thick.  And for the walls I went with Venus Teal by Behr paint.  I made the shower surround out of tile samples, cutting them into strips so it would look like the wood tile that's so in fashion now. 

I'm not quite sure what color for the ceiling though, maybe the Oyster Beige? I put one coat of paint on the walls so far.  It could probably use another coat.

The bathroom needs some baseboards but so far I don't think it looks bad.

I've been throwing around the idea of some texture on the walls of the rest of the house.  So far the only thing that seems to work is getting some textured scrapbook paper to cover the walls and painting that.  Or using some of the plaster ceiling paper and painting that. 

I had some of the plaster paper so I tested my wall color out on that.  I'm not sure about it.

What do you think?

The color my test sample is on top of is Voyage by Behr paint.  I'm going to paint the ceiling with it.  A pop of color where it's not necessarily expected. 

I've got some can lights coming to use on the ceiling.  They operate off of batteries which I'll hide in the chimney.  And I'm going to make a few sconces to go next to the picture window above the bookshelves. 

I'm planning on using on of these lights in the bathroom.  I have two of them and I'm debating about using one in the entryway as well.  The question is, do I make some lights to go on either side of the bathroom mirror?  Or just have the one light? 

Rubbed Bronze Schoolhouse Ceiling Light

Whatever I use I'll need to hide the battery for it in the sink cupboard since the bathroom lights can't be on the same system as the rest of the house.

Was going through all my lights and found these lamps.  If I turned them upside down and figured some sort of chain to hang them from the ceiling they might work as pendant lights on either side of the bathroom mirror. 

What do you guys think?

The kitchen light is something else I'm working on.  I'm going to try and make a craftsman style light to go on the ceiling. 

Not a bad day's work really. 

Any opinions on the wall texture?  I've tried spackle, texturing it with paper towels, toothbrush bristles and cottonballs but it just seems to crumble when I add paint even though its totally dry.  So the paper on the walls and painting over it seems like my best bet.


  1. Wow, that sure is some progress! Very impressive! Your bathroom looks great, very modern, and all the colours and textures work well. I'm not totally convinced about the two lights down either side of the basin as I am wondering if it will kind of crowd the small space, but you could dangle them off strings to see what you think. Walls - I could suggest this stuff called texture paste which is available at art supply stores. I've made my own from internet recipes and had the same problem with it crumbling. The real stuff is much better and goes on very smoothly. I've also used the cellulose filler and PVC mix and it has set like a rock. For a smoothish texture, I'd try putting it on with a spatula or palette knife and then sand it off a bit. Anyway, will be interested to see how you go with this!

    1. Thanks. I'm really excited about the bathroom. The lights aren't all that wide so they might work.

      Hmm... I'll have to see about the texture paste. Really the only thing good about painting over paper is it would hide the wires from the lighting pretty easily.

  2. I love the bathroom!!! The floor and the walls look amazing. (insert furious clapping). Can't wait to see it finished

    1. Thanks! I really struggled over what to do with it. I'm glad its turning out all right.

  3. The bathroom looks great Sheila. I really like the wall tiles - very modern and as you say, very in style. Personally, I would opt for a single pendant lamp since the bathroom is small :0)

    1. thank you! They're just floor tile samples cut into strips. So far that's two people who think sconces aren't needed. Given that yours and Shannon's houses always look so gorgeous I'll probably skip them and save myself the time and aggravation.

  4. Very clever solution for the slide in bathroom! I am also enjoying the colors and textures you've chosen! I am sure you are going to come up with the perfect lighting solution, as well as a perfect texture treatment for the walls. Have a wonderful and successfully productive week!

    1. Thanks! Shannon's suggestion really worked well. I think the mini bathroom might end up nicer than my own bathroom.

  5. I like the colour scheme of the bathroom a lot. The floor is lovely and the walls gorgeous. You can try the plaster/paste that Shannon recommends, it is easy to use and depending on how you apply it, you can make a smooth or a bit more rough texture, it´s all in your hands. Very good work!

    1. Thank you. I'm going to look for the plaster paste at my Hobby Lobby, or on Amazon and see if I can get it here.

  6. Replies
    1. Thank you! Working hard on this whole thing.

  7. It's looking good. The tiles are great. I like the idea of the pendant lights however these may be a little too large since the bathroom is small. I would do some kind of wall light. Just a thought.

    1. Thanks! I'm still working on the whole lighting concept. Maybe I can hunt up some of my beads and make something smaller scale.