Sunday, October 14, 2018

Lights and Floor and Decor

I think the deadline is getting to me.  That and the knowledge that I'll be losing two Saturdays worth of work this month.  It feels like I'm not getting very much done.

I know that I am.  I have photographic proof.  Maybe it's because I started to not like how my little candelabras looked and took them apart.

I used some of the candles on the stillroom/laboratory table.

I'd wanted candles on it anyway and since the second candelabra looked too clunky in comparison to the other lights in the room this was a good use of the candles from it.

I started to make books and used nail polish on the rest of my gesso covered bottles to make them look a little more magical.

I used some scrapbook paper that has a texture to it and wrapped it around some cheap books I'd picked up.  I painted the edges with Americana's Buttermilk so they'd look like yellow pages rather than white.

Then I began adding things to the shelves.

The spilled potion bottle on the book and papers is from Amber Miller of HueDesigns on Ebay.  She's started posting autions again and her magic potions are really creepy and fun.

The crystals are from Keli, along with a bunch of wool and other cool stuff.  The scrolls are from another seller on Ebay.  The books are the ones I made.  Obviously glue is still drying.  But so far so good.

I started adding other things to the worktable.  Some of them will change as I decide on the right look.

And I filled up another shelf.

These are what I've glued down, I'll stack some more papers and books on the second shelf to fill it out a bit.

And I added a hook to one of the beams to hang my brazier.

I used some of the wool Keli sent me on the spinning wheel.  I did my best to figure out how a working one would have the wool and thread spun onto it.

And since I'd taken the candelabra off the queen's beside table to make a smaller one I had two candles left and decided to make a pile of books for her room.  A little more light and something interesting to add to the room.

Another look at the final version of the workroom table.

The lights work, which is always a plus.  So do the lights on the desk and shelf.

All this testing of the lights was pretty important since I wanted to get the floor in the house this weekend.

I managed it, with a bit of cursing, leaning over the glue bottle and getting it on my shirt, breaking wires, rewiring and finally getting it all in.  It isn't glued down, though the fireplace and some of the furniture is.  If I really need to I can remove it.  Let's hope it doesn't come to that.

I haven't added all of the furniture to the workroom yet.  Just the pieces I have finished.

There's still a lot to do.

I want to make a lantern, similar to this:

To hang on the wall by the front door. Along with a cloak and the clogs.

And I need to figure out a system for drying died wool in the workroom.  This is amazing so I want to reproduce it a bit at least.

The big thing is figuring something out that won't bump into the chandelier or make everything look too busy.

I'm thinking that since I'll need to do a few things during the week I could make an attempt to work on the Queen's bedding. And maybe her cloak.

Adding things to the list and crossing others off.

A saltbox (Keli)
Clogs (Keli) & (Anna if she gets time)
A still (might be able to do this with Kris's 'paper pottery')
Sausages on a string

Drill & Route out channels for lighting wires.
Finish shutters & interior trim for all windows on main cottage.
         First Floor          
         Second Floor
Build Fireplaces & chimneys
        First Floor
        Second Floor
Cut bricks and stone for outside of lower walls and tower.
(Test Magic Brik) - in progress
Add brick/stone to fireplaces.
        First Floor         
        Second Floor
Age fireplaces
        First Floor
        Second Floor
Build base for house
Get cottage on base
Attach Tower to Main Cottage
        Doorway Finishes
        Hall Stone?
Bedroom mantle
Plaster upper walls and third floor of tower.
Add timber to upper walls and third floor of tower. (testing)
Paint stone.
Add grout to stone and brick.
Ceiling beams on first floor.
Ceiling beams and roof support for lofted ceiling on second floor.
          Dormer ceiling supports
          Add final supports to desk alcove
Second floor Ceiling finish?
Ceiling beams and roof support for the tower.
Stain purchased furniture
Build furniture:
          Make sink
          Make curved table for tower room
          Make loom
          Adjust tables for lab
          Make stool
          Make telescope 1/2 done
          Make orrey 1/4 done
          Make tapestry
          Make rush mats
          Make bedding
          Make books & scrolls
          Make paper pottery
Stillroom paraphernalia
          Potions? (some bottles made)
          Cage with spider (on the loose)
          Cage with mice
          Cauldron floating spoon? (testing)
          Wool cards (make)
          Drying rack ?
          Hanging died wool
          Carded wool in baskets
          Finished fabric on shelves
          Second spinning wheel w/straw to gold?
          Put food in baskets
          Add food & utensils to table
          Make lantern
          Hang sausages
Furniture in place finalize lights.
          Make sconce
          Make candelabras
                 Standing Candelabra
                 2 small Candelabras
                              Remove candles from extra and add to stillroom table.
Add flooring
Plaster inside walls
Create 'slate' roof
Bargeboards/trim for roof gables.
Create front garden
          Make tree?
          Make stream?
          Make lake/river to go alongside house
          Make stone wall to go around garden
          Iron front gate.