Sunday, May 19, 2019

Aging, Trim & Wallpaper

This weekend I was supposed to get a package from Shapeways.  It had stuff for the Downtown Loft so I decided I'd work on that Sunday.

Saturday I finished up the trim on the front of the shop windows.

I took the doors out and sanded down the edges of the kickplates and now they open completely which I like.

Then I decided to give the front of the shop some aging.

The black is still a little heavy in places so I'll water it down a bit but overall I like the look.  The blue on the front of the doors pops a bit more.

I decided to start adding the wallpaper afterwards.  I'm going to put brick on the outside, so I'll end up routing some channels into the wood and putting the brick over them.  If I'm really ambitious I'll make some sliding panels so I can get at the wiring afterwards.

I like how it looks so far.

I did a test fit of the walls and the stairs to see how they'd look.  So far so good.

A few from the front doors.

By the end of the day the package from Shapeways hadn't arrived so I decided to keep going with the wallpaper in the shop.

I also added some wood and metal moldings to the ceilings.  The metal I primed with gesso so I can paint it a creamy white to look like plaster.

I went through all my trim so I could figure out what to use for crown molding.  And then I gathered up all my books that I have so far.  Some I've bought, some I took from the Gothic Victorian's library, and some I've made.

I need about three times this many.

I might need to start making some books during the week.

Hopefully the Shapeways package will arrive this week and I can mess around with the Loft this coming weekend.

Monday, May 13, 2019

Lights, Windows and Paint

This was an odd weekend for me.  I spent almost all weekend working on miniatures but I don't feel like I got a lot done.

Part of what I did was adjust some of my LED lights because I had some in bright white and some in warm white. So I got some of my antique white paint and covered the bright white LEDs with it.  That gave them the same hue as the warm white LEDs.

Then I got started painting my lights.

I had a lamp from Jodi's Shapeways shop, and a hanging light fixture from Marion's.  And I remembered lamps from growing up that were a mix of wood and brass.

It's not perfect but I'll work on it a bit more.  I painted the hanging fixture a mix of browns and then added clear nail polish for shine.

I wanted a mix of geometric shapes in the house, so I'm playing with circles/spheres and hard angles.

I found some of my jewelry findings and glass globes.  The jewelry findings were black so I added some gesso, repainted them black and added the same metallic brown to them.

I need to do something to the wires...maybe prime them and paint them?

I had some other globes with a cord net around them.  They reminded me a bit of old net floats.  They're larger than the other ones and since I have two I thought they'd look nice hanging on either side of the bed.

But that was as far as I got on the Loft.

I really didn't have a plan for the shop this weekend, so I decided I'd do something simple and paint the front.  I like the blue but it definitely needs some weathering.

I think some watered down black paint, dripped down the front will make it more realistic looking.  Victorian London had a ton of soot in the air so when it rained that would have coated the buildings.

I painted the dormer window frames out too.

When I got that done I decided to put the windows and interior framing in.  I'm running out of my trim though so I need to order more before I can finish the front windows.

I like how it looks so far.

I put the doors in to test the fit and how they look with the trim around them.  I need to sand the sides of the interior kickplates a bit because they impede the doors opening slightly but the look is very nice so far.

I think with some ageing on the storefront the doors will stand out a bit more.

I painted the base black but I think some brick will look better there.  Or stone.  The black doesn't look very real to me.

And I didn't post this because we started watching Game of Thrones (and having a drink to dull the angst of the episode) and I forgot to finish it before I went to bed.

I hope everyone had a good weekend and a Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Including mine!

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Aging, Iron & Sink

I didn't want the stove for the shop living quarters to look shiny and new so I found some of my chalk paint and dry brushed it over the black.  The color is called Castle and it gives it a slightly dingier look.  I did the same thing with the coal scuttle too.

I didn't like the decal much and then when I tried to put it on the stove base it ripped and crumpled so I gave up on it.  I found some of my scrapbook paper with an interesting pattern and scored lines in it, then went over them with pencil to make it look more like tiles.  I glued it all down to the base and then put some modge podge over it.

I remembered before I glued the wall guard on the stove pipe that the wall it would hit would be angled.  So I sanded the pipe down to match the roof angle and glued the guard on.  I want to age up the silver of the guard and the handle on the stove top a bit but it'll have to wait a bit more.

I'm not sure where in the living quarters I'll place it but most the angle will likely be needed no matter what.

The next project was the spiral stairs for the shop.  Much simpler, almost plain, in comparison to the Loft stairs anyway.  I painted them with Folk Art Licorice first after I stiffened them up with modge podge and primed them first.

I had a paint that was called 'Wrought Iron' but it was more like a dark grey than black and I didn't like it much.

I had to let them dry for a while because the paint was really thick.  So I decided to start making books.

I bought a kit from LDelaney's Store on Etsy.  It makes 124 books.  I'm cheating and using balsa wood for the pages.  I don't plan on these to come off the shelves really.  It's kind of nice I have a ton of cardboard left from making my roof last year.

So I started with six.  Once I get in a rhythm I'll make more at a time.  Probably until I get sick of making books.

The other project for the weekend was the sink for the Loft bathroom.  I'd started out making the base last week.  You remember. I dropped it after I got it primed?

A thought occurred to me as I was trying to figure out the counters though, and so I set up the floor in the loft to check it.

See a flaw with my plan?

Yeah... the window is a bit of an issue.  So I was thinking of to where I could reposition my sink/vanity.

I think that will work.  I can put a vanity mirror on top of the shelves or against the back of one.

Since I had the loft in anyway I tried out the stair position.

I was struggling a bit with how I wanted to finish the sink/vanity. But eventually I remembered I had a bunch of tile samples and found one that would look nice with the floors.  

I had to recut the top twice before I got a good opening (without breaking the surround) for the under counter sink.

I need to find some hardware for it though.  I've got some somewhere.

My high tech method of making sure the pieces don't separate.

But then I painted the bottom portion a nice neutral.

I'll make some towels to put under the sink.

Lots to do still but I find I'm really enjoying the slower pace.  There's a May mini challenge on Instagram going on which is very cool but I don't have such great photography skills that I wanted to participate.  Maybe next year.

I hope everyone else is having fun and enjoying spring.  Happy May the Fourth be with you and Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Sunday, April 28, 2019

Bathroom, Stairs and Stove

I painted the shower fixtures last week and this week I glued them to the shower wall.  These are from Kristine's shop on Shapeways.

I knew that I had another cube shelf around somewhere that matched the others I'd be using.  So I spent part of the weekend hunting it down.  I finally found it and my ripple glass so I got to work.

I cut a panel of it to act as part of the shower wall when I get everything glued in. And then I did a quick dryfit of the shower with everything in place.

I'm going to add one more row of tiles to the bathroom flooring than I initially planed to give myself a slightly larger footprint.

I also decided to add some more of the ripple glass to the other three cube shelf.

I started to build a cabinet for the sink too.

It's covered with primer at the moment.  Of course then I dropped it trying to move it so now it needs to be re-primed.  That, I'm sorry to say, is a typical Sheila move.

Jodi had suggested I use some wood strips on my feature wall to give it more dimension and this weekend I decided I would.  I went with raw wood because I liked how it looked.  One of the tones in the coffee table is very pale so I think it works.

Plus I think the raw wood will tie the wall in with the floors nicely enough.  But that was as far as I got with the loft this weekend.

I started to work on the spiral stair for the bookshop.  I wanted it to look more traditional so I used some spindles I'd bought and beads for spacers.

The staircase took most of the day.

I'm adding a railing out of the same cord along with newel posts and then I'll modge podge the whole thing, prime it and then paint it metallic black.  Likely I'll have to paint it plain basic black first and metallic on top. I've noticed the metallic paints don't cover as well without several coats.

While I was letting all the glue dry on the stairs I got started on my stove for the living quarters.

I was going to go with a parlor stove but I wanted something that technically you could at least brew tea on.  So I got most of it glued together.

Then I added some LEDs and the cellophane for a fire effect and glued the rest together.

I was really excited so I took a couple videos.  My husband was playing EA Sports MLB so the music in the background (if you're using sound) is from that.

I want to age it a bit, it looks too shiny and new for me right now.  I think less gleam and a bit of soot maybe.  I'll work on the coal scuttle and tiled base next week.

This was as far as I got.  Well, except for removing the handle from the side since I realized that didn't belong there before the glue dried.  (Very grateful that I figured that out quickly.)

So far I'm pleased with how it's going.  The fact that we're almost into May just hit me.  Time flies.

How are all of you doing?