Friday, January 6, 2023

2022 Creatin' Contest Entry

 I'm sure you'll all be pleased to hear that I did finish the build in time to submit my entry.

I can't wait to see what everyone else did and who our winners are.

I finally did something that was in keeping with the season and decorated the chapel with seasonal banners. I also used my little nativity feves in the front of the chapel. 

Here's my little write up for The Chapel of the Sacred Heart:

Our small chapel is suitable for small private services of all types. We're proud to reopen our doors and dedicate this humble space once again.

Please take care going up the steps and into the vestibule. Our Holy Water font is a proud recent addition thanks to your generous donations. You'll find our church bulletins on the corner table nearby. Don't forget to take one and keep up with all the events and news of our parish.

Missalettes are available for our congregation on each pew. Next year we hope to expand our space to allow for kneelers and missal holders. This upgrade was sadly postponed due to some asbestos remediation due to the discovery made during our repair of the leaking Notre Dame inspired stained glass window above the altar.  We give thanks that the Tabernacle and altar were undamaged, though we did need to replace a chair as one of the workmen had a small accident involving a ladder, a bucket of paint and a startlingly loud cellphone ringtone.

But the repairs also allowed for an outlet behind the pulpit. With the electric light Father Richter will be able to read his sermons much more easily and we're grateful for his patience in waiting for this visual aid.

One of our parishioners took time out of her busy schedule to set up our Nativity scene and light the evergreens beside the steps. We thank her for her time and trouble during this hectic season.

Midnight mass will be held at 12:00AM with the choir carols starting at 11:30PM. For further information please call the rectory or consult the church bulletin. 

Please join us this Sunday and all Sundays after. We'll be glad to see you.

The four photos above were what I submitted.

And here are a few more shots.

I will say that I've seen the new kit and I'm excited to see what everyone will do with it.  This is the first year that I haven't had any idea of what to do with it and I'm not finding any inspiration.

My husband says to wait a week and see if anything comes to mind.

 So we'll see. 


  1. It’s really gorgeous Sheila! Well done and hope you win!! You’ve put a lot of work into this and it shows. I hope you have an idea for this year’s kit, but if not, maybe you’ll build something else that takes your interest and will be equally as amazing. Happy new year!

  2. It's simply stunning, Sheila! It merits a win! Good thing you didn't give up on it.
    I am looking at this year's kit and the only thing that comes into my mind is a shop.
    Happy, healthy and creative New Year 2023!
    Hugs, Drora

  3. Hi Sheila! Your Chapel is Gorgeous! I am glad you were able to submit it in time. The building is such a perfect example of old rural churches... beautiful, humble, perfect spiritual homes... I think you did an awesome job. I also love the welcoming description you gave. I hope you get a prize with this!
    As for the new contest kit... it makes me think of old roadside market stalls.... not that I will be building any of these kits. I look forward to seeing what you do!

  4. I absolutely love what you've done with the contest kit, Sheila! So many great ideas included in such a small but charming church! In the eight years I've been following you, you've never ceased to amaze me with your limitless creativity, and I know that when your idea for 2023's kit possesses you, it's going to be phenomenal! I hope you'll have the time and the inspiration to take us along on your creative journey! Best of luck with 2022's judging!