Sunday, October 30, 2022

Good News, Bad News

 So this will be a pretty picture heavy post as the Good News is that I'm nearly done with the Chapel

In chronological order, we took the Building Inspector to the vet because she wasn't as interested in her food, was hiding slightly behind the couch (but not so much that she couldn't see her daddy) and was just a little off.

Tali Zorah Vas'Normandy left us in early September. 

The Bad News is that ever since we got Covid two years ago my husband's respiratory health hasn't been great. He already needs a C-Pap machine and has asthma. He has this lovely thing they call dsyphasia, where he coughs and coughs and then passes out. And a few months ago he got the flu and then it turned into bronchitis, then walking pneumonia. 

This was further complicated by the drugstore not having the prescribed antibiotics.

But he was worried about his job, he works for the city, so he basically bugged his doctor (at the city clinic) until they said he could go back to work.

He was told to report to HR and when he got there they told him he could either be fired or he could resign. Being fired means he's not eligible for rehire and when potential employers call for a reference the city will say that. So he 'resigned'. 

Unfortunately it's not easy to find another job in his field at his age. He's working on it but... yeah. 

But in slightly Better News is that I got my third quarter review (the one that effects raises) and it was above average and my boss made a point of saying he was going to tell his boss how well I was doing. So hopefully a decent raise in the new year.

Also I'm hourly which means I get OT and I've been so busy at work I've gotten quite a bit of it this last week.  I qualify for insurance through my workplace and I was able to adjust my tax contribution and retirement savings so my take home pay is better.

So we're getting by. 

I don't write much (or well) when I'm stressed and I'm feeling a bit stressed so that's fallen a bit by the wayside. 

But the Chapel has progressed nicely. 

Here comes the picture portion of the post.

That's pretty much it. I'm debating putting flowers in the pots and having them to the side of the steps or if I want to wait until Christmas and do a little Nativity scene. 


  1. Hi Sheila! While it is so good to see a post from you, I am sorry that your life has continued to challenge you in so many ways this year! Rest in peace, sweet Tali - I know you will miss her dearly!
    I'm so sad to hear about your hubs' health and the resulting job loss. It used to be that when something like this happened to a fellow employee, coworkers and the employer rallied around to help the person. Our world has gotten more corporate and more cold. I hope he finds a better situation and improved health!
    I am so happy to hear that you are being recognized (and hopefully rewarded) for your hard work! And I hope that the raise is enough so that you can worry a little less about meeting all your obligations. Going through tough times like this can make it feel like there is always a black cloud over the sun, but this too shall pass. Just hang tough and find ways to look forward. Keep your mind occupied against the "what if" thoughts. They are the bringers of gloom.
    The church is amazing! You have done an outstanding job and I hope working on it has given you some good ways to occupy your mind on something fun! I love the stained glass windows - they came out so good! And I love the little vestibule, the clever way you made the pews, and the podium! I love the idea of the planters with flowers, but also decorating with a nativity for Christmas. I think you should do both!
    Big hugs, my friend! If I were closer you'd get the hug in person and I could take you out for a nice lunch! 💗💗💗

  2. Wow Sheila, you have been through the wringer as they say. I am so saddened to hear of the passing of your beloved building inspector. I know how incredibly hard that must be for you. But I also know she was loved and cared for and that means the world. Also sorry that your husband has had to ‘resign’. Sometimes there’s just no fairness in life and it’s certainly been unfair to him. When one door closes, another opens, so I really do hope that he will find something new and better. (There are jobs aplenty here in Australia and no-one to fill them - perhaps you could relocate!!) But congratulations on your good review. I really hope your hard work is rewarded and there is a payrise in the near future. And lastly, well done on the chapel. It’s looking really lovely. Take care of yourself right now.

  3. Dear Sheila, I'm so sorry to read the sad news. I wish your husband improved health, and a better more considerate future employer. It's so hard to go through tough times but these too will pass and soon you will forget them. So sad about the building inspector. She'll be missed by me and all your readers.
    The chapel is magnificent! What a fantastic piece of work! I love the stained glass windows and the beautiful pieces of furniture. I'm sure you'll be well rewarded.
    A big warm hug,

  4. Sheila, lamento muchísimo la muerte de Tali, inspector de edificios.
    Y lamento los problemas de salud de tu esposo que por ellos se quede sin trabajo, sólo espero que pronto se encuentre mejor, la salud es lo más importante!
    Por otro lado me alegra que reconozcan tus méritos laborales y que ese aumento de sueldo sea sustancioso para paliar en alguna medida vuestros problemas.
    La capilla y sus avances se ven ciertamente geniales, me gusta el aspecto que va tomando, gran trabajo!!

  5. Hello Shannon! First, I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your kitty. It's never easy to lose a beloved pet especially one who likes to investigate your work, and who's been an integral part of the workroom landscape so of course you miss her and heed to pay tribute to her passing.
    My heartfelt condolences.
    Also, I know it must have felt like a double whammy to your hubby after fighting so valiantly through his illness, to then return to work and become unemployed. What a devastating blow for him to have to process and deal with as well as for you!
    Please note that I'm not dispensing medical advice: but if he's still. coughing as hard as you've indicated, mustard plasters are a simple, easy to make external remedy for helping to break up the deep congestion in the lungs. It's something which my mother in law use to make when treating her kids pneumonia. If you're at all interested it's very easy to find on google or youtube.
    Meanwhile, your Chapel is looking Wonderful! I love the way the pews are arranged and the separate pulpit and altar area; but I especially I like the front vestibule and the bells in the bell tower - Excellent Details!
    Keep up the Great Work on this Heavenly project AND my Warmest Congratulations for your job recognition- Definitely a bright light for you and your husband: right when you need it the most. 💝


    1. WHOOPSIES -My apologies for for calling you Shannon, Sheila!

  6. Hi Sheila! I am sorry to hear about the loss of your dear sweet Building Inspector. :( These little beings really do bring us so much love, and we miss them so much when they leave us. My thoughts are with you.
    And also the struggles your husband is having with his health and work issues.... those things take a toll on you no matter how much faith you have. I hope things start to look up for him soon.
    As for your work on the Chapel, it is all looking amazing! I just Love that bell tower with the working bell mechanism! Wow! What original and creative and beautiful work! The aging you have done on the exterior looks awesome, it looks just like so many small chapels tucked off in the countryside around here! And the interior is filling with all the parts.... really beautiful! Keep up the great work! :)

  7. Dang... forgot to log in... that's me Betsy, aka Daydreamer on the last comment...!