Sunday, July 3, 2022

Slow and Steady Wins the Race?

 I've been working on the latest Creatin' Contest entry but not posting. Part of that has been just being tired. Part of it is writing other things.

Sometimes writing the post feels more like work than fun so I decided I wouldn't hold myself to a schedule this year.

I've been largely absent from social media too, pretty much for the same reason.  But I have remembered to take some pictures of my progress.

I got all the window and door openings cut out. 

The windows are going to be stained glass. But I didn't really find any pictures I wanted to use. So I adjusted my Tudor glazed windows method.

I cut my aluminum mesh into squares the size of my window panes.

I glued them to the window and use my very sophisticated clampes to hold the mesh in place

When the glue was dry I covered the 'glass' and 'leading' with Triple Thick Gloss Glaze

So far everything worked pretty well.

The next step was a new one involving Gallery Glass paint in various colors.

It's a colorful look.

Once the Gallery Glass dried I did a dry fit.

Seems to be working and everything fits together.

You get the full effect of the windows better with the sun behind them. 

So far so good right?

I painted my walls white and then started my siding. 

I used half scale fish-scale shingles for more detail on the upper portion of the walls. 

I need to cut some window frames for my circular windows in the bell tower.

Flooring, furniture, stairs to the door and paneling for the interior walls. Beams and lighting. 

There's a lot still to do. 

In other news I've been reading blogs and yet somehow still have not managed to comment on them because I can't figure out what Google did. 

I swear I'm not ignoring all of you.

Apparently someone just hit the mute button.


  1. The windows look awesome Sheila, and it looks to me like you’ve made quite a bit of progress. I have one suggestion for your blog commenting issue. If you use an ipad, there is a cross site tracking function. If that is switched off, your comments on someone else’s blog won’t show up as being yours. Although maybe they don’t show up at all… I’m not sure. All I know is it doesn’t work! You have to go into settings, select Safari (if that’s what you use to browse the internet) and check the ‘prevent cross site tracking’ button is off. If that’s not the problem, I have no other suggestions! Blogger tends to be temperamental! Have a great week.

  2. Wow! The stained glass windows are incredible! I love the effect with the light coming through! And the project already looks beautiful! I can't wait to see your amazing plans come to life! It's good to have you back!

  3. Hi Sheila! I Love this project! The windows look Fantastic! WOW! It can be good to take a break from "obligations". This mini world is supposed to be fun. I hope you can figure out the comments... so far I find I get "deleted" in mid comment about half the time.... very frustrating, because I always forget to wait until the blog loads completely first. And I have no idea what the real problem is. Blogger needs to fix it!

  4. Hi Sheila! Sometimes a break away from minis is EXACTLY what is needed and so when you DO need them - Take Them! Over Saturation can happen even with the things we love to do to relax and that includes blogging- whether it's writing them or leaving comments on them.
    fyi- I'm having the same problems in my comment section as you and others have been experiencing and I can't figure it out. It's somewhat "comforting" to know that I'm not the only one in the blogasphere with these particular issues. I will try out Shannons suggestions to see if I can get the problem resolved because it IS beyond Frustrating!
    Now as to your latest Creatin Contest project: I haven't seen the original 2022 HBS kit but I'm assuming that it wasn't a church but that you're turning it into one and it is LOOKING GOOD! I especially like the stained glass windows and the door! I also like the way you're finishing the exterior which reminds me of those old single room Southern Baptist church buildings scattered throughout the southern States.

  5. Hi Sheila! It's me again... (Betsy)... I don't know why my first comment posted as "anonymous"... I'm trying again.... just to test, I guess! And to say I am always amazed at the "ideas" you get for these challenge kits! I love what you are doing with this one, and would never have imagined this from the starter kit! Just beautiful and brilliant! :)

  6. The windows are gorgeous! I love the colors.