Friday, December 31, 2021

Contest Entry And the Last Post of 2021

I took Christmas weekend off from everything but reading and relaxing. After racing until the final minute to get the contest entry in I was in no mood to do anything stressful for a while.  But I did finish.

I got the pictures submitted five minutes before the deadline. Talk about cutting it close!

First, my four submission pics.

I spent half my lunch break each day figuring out what I needed to do next and how to do it that night.  I had lists on top of lists.

Getting the lights wired in wasn't easy. But I managed.  They're LEDs connected to battery packs hidden above the closet.

The hanging basket light is from Marion's Shapeways shop. So are the handles on the front door.

In order to finish off the living room and upstairs I made some shelves. I put a stereo system and records on one for the upstairs, books on the one for the living room.

I made the stairs and loveseat. The shelves are from a kit I got at an online show. The lamp is from Jodi's Shapeways shop.  The red chair is from Etsy.  The pink and blue patterned pillows are from Brae's Etsy shop.

The stereo equipment came from Ebay, and the records from Etsy, I got them a few years back. The blue chair is one of the Reac chairs and I got it from Ebay as well.

I glued the closet in, and a glass 'railing' to keep someone from tipping their chair over into the stairs.

Filling the closet up with clothes, shoes and purses was fun. The Gucci backpack, sandles and belt, as well as the brown wedge sandles are from Patrizia Santi's store.

The other purses I found on Ebay a while back. 

The clothing I got on Etsy.

Once I finished that there was the matter of adding all the little everyday things to the kitchen.

Dishes and wine on the shelves, a coffeemaker and spice rack on the counter. Mixing bowls. And shopping bags full of groceries.

The coffeemaker and caserole dish on the top shelf are from Etsy.  The lights and chair shells for the stools are from Marion's Shapeways shop. The dishes are from Jodi's Shapeways shop. I edged them with some of the bright blue nail polish I used on the stool chairs.  Faucet and handles are from Kristine's Shapeways shop.  The wine, spice rack and mixing bowls are from

The living room didn't take much, a basket behind the stairs for the extra pillows, a magazine, and a purse and flowers on the shelves inside the door.

I like how everything looks together.  The lamp looks good with the chair, the stairs match the hardware on the kitchen cabinets and the blue and silver looks good with the tile backsplash.

For the rooftop patio I wanted flowers, a lounge chair and different stools for people to sit on. They could also double as side tables. 

I loved how Kristine added additional cushions to her outdoor furniture so I decided I'd give it a try. Foam core board with fabric over it, as well as a bit more fabric underneath so all of the 'cushion' on the lounge looks like it's the same.

The lounge, laptop and notepad is from, the barrel stools are from Kristine's Shapeways Shop. The flowers are from Ebay.

In my experience you can't have an unattended laptop without at least one cat incursion.

You've pretty much seen the bathroom though I did add a pair of glasses to the sink counter. I was really proud that I'd remembered to make a contact lense case.

The rest of the exterior is pretty basic. I used some flowerpots from Hobby Lobby for oversized containers at the front of the house. Wooden numbers I got on Amazon, painted silver and black metallic lights over the front door and beside the upstairs exterior door.

So I'm fairly pleased all in all.  It's done!

I did my best to list where I found everything but if I've forgotten something ask and I'll do my best to figure out where I got it. Some of these things I've had for years.

I hope you're all having a joyeous and happy Holiday season!


  1. Really amazing!!! Happy New Year!!!

  2. This container house ie very fine and I wish you luck in the contest.
    What is the announcing date for contest. I like to see what all have done this time.
    happy New Year!
    Hugs Britt

  3. The House looks amazing. I love the kitchen the most. But the whole project is impressive! I keep my fingers crossed for the contest.
    Happy New Year!

  4. Well done Sheila. It looks great and you achieved an incredible amount at the last minite. Good luck! And also happy new year!

  5. La casa se ve increíble, la amo!! Mantengo los dedos cruzados y todos mis pensamientos positivos para el concurso!!
    Sheila, te deseo un Feliz Año Nuevo!!

  6. ¡Feliz Año Nuevo! ,felicitaciones por tu impresionante trabajo; te deseo lo mejor y que ganes .Besos

  7. Hi Sheila! It all looks absolutely spot on! The colors really work beautifully together... without feeling all "matchy"! I do love the blue of the container walls to begin with! You have made so many awesome pieces, it is hard to know where to start! The closet with all the clothes and shoes really looks great! The fold out bed is maybe my favorite... it really looks inviting! LOL! I love the lounge on the deck too.... this is a great place to imagine a peaceful getaway visit! Good luck with the Contest! :)

  8. Oh Sheila! This is an incredible Container House. What an impressive piece of work!
    Very original and lovely.
    I wish you good luck with the contest!
    Hugs, Drora

  9. I am sorry to be so late Sheila but this contest build is fantastic! It is so much fun for me to finally see all your creative and ingenious ideas culminate and they never fail to thrill and inspire me! Best of luck wit the contest! This container house would make an awesome cover photo on the spring HBS catalog! :O)