Thursday, June 10, 2021

May Minimakers 2021

So I've only gotten a few things done during May, I've been a little blah. But I did do May Minimakers on Instagram again and so I thought I'd show you the month in posts.

There it is, the month of May.

I'm trying the 'embed' tool from Instagram with this post so it might change if the links don't work the way I want them too. 


  1. Wow Sheila! This was a great walk down memory lane of all the neat and diverse projects you've achieved over the years! If there was a day with the theme "Prolific" your photo surrounded by all your amazing dreams come true would have to be central! I missed these on Instagram (since that was one time stealer I mostly gave up) so I'm glad you shared them on the blog!

    1. Thanks! I'll admit that I've let my social media lapse a bit this year. I need to put myself back on a schedule but it feels too much like work.

      I'm slowly getting things set with the container house build though. Figuring things out. Hope to have a new post up about it soon.

  2. Wow, Sheila, this was a very interesting post of memories of all of the miniworks you did during these past years. It was fantastic to walk along this memory lane, as Jodi already wrote before me.
    Regarding to Instagram (and for me it was Facebook): it took too much of my time and it felt like work. Therefore it didn't feel good to continue with Fb. I preferebly stay blogging, at least if they allow me to continue, because of blogger issues in the past years....
    Oh, I am so curious how your container house is developping, it will be so nice to follow. Keep on making lovely minis, dear Sheila.
    Hugs, Ilona

  3. Wow, I know how hard is to take part in challenges like this. Congrats.

  4. Hi Sheila! WoW!! What an amazing review of so many of your fantastic projects! I am familiar with many of them and enjoyed a review! I am not on instagram... it's too "instant" for me! LOL! But it really demonstrates how one thing a day really adds up quickly to a whole lot of stuff!!! I hope you are feeling more mini-ish soon! :):)