Monday, February 15, 2021

Honorable Mentions!

 Hello all!

I've been taking a little time off minis apart from plotting and planning out how I'll do things for the Container House.

But I wanted to say congratulations to Brae and Keli for their Honorable Mentions in the 2020 Creatin' Contest!

Brae's Whinnie's Terrace

And Keli's Burke Boatworks:

Congratulations to you both!

On a different note, Texas has been hit with record low temperatures and in order to conserve electricity we're having rolling blackouts.  We've been getting a half an hour of power and then forty minutes to an hour of no power.  It makes life interesting.  

I hope you are all staying safe and warm and healthy.

Seriously, it's like 2021 is telling 2020, 'Hold my beer'.


  1. Maravillosas las dos terrazas!! Espero que pronto suban las temperaturas, estar sin luz es un fastidio!

  2. Congrats to Brae and to Keli for their honorable mentions, well deserved!! And thank you for sharing these pictures, Sheila.
    Yes, I heard in the news that Texas has been hit with record low temperatures and about your eletricity issues, I hope it won't hit you too hard. Stay safe, take, care, dear Sheila.
    Warm hugs, Ilona

  3. 'Hold My Beer' lol! Love it! Yep... Seems like the challenging time we're living through has no care or concern for the calendar. If the last year has taught us anything it is to be surprised by nothing, prepare for everything and gird your loins for entirely new levels of shock. Thank goodness we have minis and each other!
    Congrats to Keli and Brae! Outstanding projects!!!
    Stay safe and warm, my friend!

  4. Hehe! Funny comment! The power blackouts must be pretty annoying. I hope that you are staying warm and looking after yourself. Also congrats to Brae and Keli. They both did amazing entries.

  5. Both are incredible.
    Congratulation to Keli and Brae! and thank you, dear Sheila for the photos.
    Hugs, Drora