Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Design Revisions

 We've had wild and wacky adventures here in Texas and things are finally back to normal (temperature wise anyway).  

Since we knew it was coming we took precautions. Brought work home so if we couldn't get to the office we could still be productive.  Of course the Building Inspector had to check out my stuff.

It wasn't so much the snow as it was the sub freezing temperatures.  And the rolling power outages.  We only got four inches of snow at our house (at the most).  Nothing melted so no one could really drive (not if you valued your life anyway).

And of course Tali had opinions about the snow. She climbed up on top of the Victorian Book Store to get the best view. I was panicking because the roof is not made from wood, it's foam core board and I was sincerely concerned it wouldn't hold up to her weight.

Looking at me like 'What? I'm not in the dollhouse.'

The painters tape was my addition in the hopes that she wouldn't knock the front of the house to the floor when she inevitably leapt off of it.

We had busted pipes in our house, five of them, water all over the bathroom and bedroom (and under the wall to the kitchen - lots of fun). And then had no water from Wednesday night until Sunday afternoon.  When I finally got to shower (after cleaning up the mess from the plumbers) I seriously felt like it was the best shower ever.

You know things have gotten crazy when you're thrilled to death to have water and power at the same time!

The plumbers spent about five and a half hours fixing all the pipes (mostly) on Sunday and while they were working on that I revised the kitchen and bedroom layout for the Container House.

Before I show you that, you remember the previous layout right? 

The first version had a half bath on the ground floor. 

And the bedroom had the closet on the front wall.

Based on that plan I ordered some sinks, faucets and handles from Shapeways.  I also had a coupon from Miniatures.com and ordered some things, among them a farmhouse sink that I loved and was determined I could use in some build, if not this one, just because it was so cute!  I had a vague idea of an old kitchen roombox with a 1920s stove, big sink and icebox (as my grandmother called it).

The drawer pulls, handles, bridge faucet, shower fixtures and round sink are from Kristine's Shapeways shop.  The low wide vessel sink is another Shapeways find.  And I splurged and ordered the spiral stairs that I've been in love with forever from Marion's shop.

My excuse was that if I couldn't make the stairs I got with the kit work that I could use these.  Aren't they pretty?

And then while the plumbers were here I started to rethink the kitchen and bedroom.  I love the island idea but in practice it just left me with so little counterspace. And a half bath on the ground floor felt unnecessary. I mean, it's a one bedroom house!  People can use the main bath upstairs.  

So I revised.  And while I was at it I messed with the bedroom too.  If I move the closet the bedroom feels more spacious (on paper at least) and it's a good place to hide the electrical stuff. 

Plus this way you don't immediately see into the bedroom from the stairs. 

But without the half bath and island, I have the space to add a peninsula with four bar stools.  And I can do pendant lights over the island, counters and sink in front of the windows.

My farmhouse sink came from Miniatures.com.  It got broken (during shipping most likely, thank you post office)  but I think I can still use it. Maybe even take the back part off entirely and just do a tile backsplash. That gives me room for my faucet and I don't have to order or make another sink. I can find another one for the old timey kitchen roombox (still a very vague plan anyway).

 I think with some sanding and paint it could work right?

But speaking of the tile backsplash... I've been bead shopping.

I want to do shades of grey in shiny and matte with white and blue bits in there.  Yes, you heard me right, I can't get away from blue. I love it so much. Though for the siding I'm debating maybe a bright yellow or green? Or blue. LOL

I need to draw up my kitchen and get a better sense of my cabinet doors, fridge and stove sizes. Here's hoping I can maybe make the stove/oven and fridge with the Cricut.

We're all back at work this week and trying to get caught up. 

I hope all my fellow Texans have gotten water and power back.  Stay safe and healthy. Hope you're having a good week.


  1. Fun post, Sheila! The building inspector is just doing her job and your work, even in foam core, passes inspection!
    I like the revisions to the container house! My plans always evolve, too, and the newest version you have here makes great sense. Can't wait to see your window placement, etc.! It's going to be fantastic!
    Great purchases! I love the Shapeways stuff and it will look amazing in the build. And boy do I know the burst pipe woes - glad you found a good plumber and were able to get the issue resolved! Here's hoping that kind of weather is behind you!
    Love the idea for the tile - it's going to look beautiful!

  2. Oh Sheila, it's always so disappointing when something arrives broken. I think you can fix this though. I would glue it back together as tightly as possible then try coating it with some "Mr. Touch Up" - the stuff used to repair a chip from a porcelain bathtub or kitchen sink. I've had great results from that. Here it is easy to find at our local Canadian Tire store so any such store in your area would probably carry it, or a product equivalent to it. I so admire your planning! I really do have to try that technique instead of my usual method of jumping in and changing things on the fly. I know it would save me so much grief! Well done! - Marilyn D., New Brunswick, Canada

  3. Oh, the behavior of your Building Inspector and Tali made me laugh, naughty rascals ;).
    I am sorry to read about your inconvenient issues caused by the awful weather.
    I like the revisions you made of your plans, and also the purchases, especially the staircase is wonderful, many possibilities.
    Like the ideas for the tile backsplash, and being myself a fan of blue, it will look beautiful ;O).
    Stay safe and healthy, dear Sheila.
    Hugs, Ilona

  4. At least, the bad things are over. The good things about plans, are that as long as you haven't started to build, you can change them. The stair case is beautiful.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. Tu inspector de edificios, se toma muy en serio su trabajo!! Me alegro que pudieran arreglar la avería de las tuberías en el mismo día, que horror con todo inundado!
    Está muy bien plasmar las nuevas ideas y revisiones en tus planos! Me encantan tus compras, sobre todo la escalera, es una belleza!

  6. Oh gosh Sheila, what a week! I am glad your power and water is back in working order.
    I am impressed you managed to work on your plans amidst all of that. The plans look fabulous and your reasoning for leaving the half bath out in exchange for more space makes perfect sense. I will look forward to see how this evolves.
    The stairs are just beautiful, I hope you find a way to use them in this build.
    Stay safe (and warm)
    PS You can never, ever, ever go wrong with blue :)