Sunday, December 13, 2020

Brick, Beams & Shelves

 Oh, and magic potions... 

First, the solution to the candle problem.  I painted the inside of the straw black and put the light inside it.  It seemed to work pretty well.

The red of the straw doesn't show through very much anymore.  So I think that'll work.

I'd gotten my cauldron and some of my prettier bottles and found my gesso.  Oh, and I got out my nail polish and glitter.

The spoon and overflowing potion sparkles when it's not in a photo.

I'd gotten some little bottles and pitchers, and a little heater from Shapeways and painted them too.

I like how they look and they're lightweight enough to sit on a wall shelf.

Two of them I might do something to make them float maybe.  Because they don't have stoppers and they could pour something out.  Still deciding on that.

And then I decided to get going on the staining of the beams, ceiling and stairs. I used Minwax Chestnut on the ceiling.

Then I built the bottom of the trap door and stained it, and glued it to the ceiling.  I did the door, the frame and the ceiling beams in Minwax Dark Walnut.

I used Minwax Early American on the treads and Dark Walnut on the stringers of the stairs.

My next project was the table, I like it but part of me is wondering if I shouldn't do something to make it narrower.

Here it is in the room, with the stairs in the background, see what I mean?

See what I mean? If I cut some of the width off it might look more fitting for the space?  But at the same time I kind of picture the space being a little crowded.

I added brick to the walls and some hooks.  Harry Dresden is pictured on the cover of the books wearing a hat and duster so I added a hat to the wall.  I put two of the hooks level with each other so some staves and wands can rest there.

While all the glue was drying I started to work on the rest of the shelves.  I had the idea that everything in the workshop would be sort of bachelor chic or second hand.  And sturdy.  

So of course, I thought of cinderblocks.

The glue is still drying but I decided to put the walls and ceiling on for a dry fit.  I'm thinking I might make the ceiling removable.  That would allow things to be added, like a cat called Mister or a Foo dog called Mouse.

So far so good.  Though I do need to darken the edge of the brick paper I can see there. But that's a little thing.

How's your weekend going?


  1. I love it so far!
    Amusing anecdote - Jim Butcher (the author of The Dresden Files) has a long-running joke/argument with the publisher/artist regarding the hat. He does not want Dresden wearing a hat on the covers. The artist always draws a hat. He even makes jokes about it in his later novels. I like the nod to 'there is a hat, but he's not gonna wear it.' Maybe make it really dusty?

    1. Well it's hanging on the wall... maybe he just grabs his duster and staves and such and always forgets the hat.

  2. This is coming along fabulously Sheila. I love the ceiling and cinderblock shelves!
    The table does look a wee bit large, but I wonder if, once it is covered in bits 'n' bobs like I imagine you will the size will come in rather handy.
    Great work!
    Anna X

  3. What you've achieved already is just perfectly great. I love the floating kettle and the stove.
    Hugs, Drora

  4. This is going to be an other fantastic project, no, it already IS!!! It looks great so far already, Sheila. Hmmmm, I agree with you that the table is a bit too large indeed, but I'm sure you and your inventive way of thinking can solve this ;).
    Love reading about the hat-issue ;)!! And I think Elaine has a point: maybe some dust here and there??
    Stay safe, take care, dear Sheila.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. I've got some chalks...maybe a little bit grated on the top of the hat...

  5. Que buen trabajo has hecho,has adelantado mucho y ya se atisba que será una grandiosa escena!!

  6. This looks great! Love the cinder blocks and the brick. The table does look a little big, but maybe just because it is still empty.

  7. Love your progress, and the thought process as you plan and implement. And the trapdoor is fantastic. I definitely need one somewhere too.