Saturday, September 3, 2016

Walls & Balcony

So we're moving along this week.  I'm excited by the progress because you know, its starting to look like a dollhouse!  As opposed to a floor and collection of pretty walls unattached to each other.

I got a massive headache and was really ill on Wednesday this week and in between fatigue/sickness forced naps I stared at the dollhouse.  I managed to put some of the curtains up and aged the balcony floor.  Still needs some touch ups on the outer edges but  for as awful as I felt, getting anything done was a plus.

I had painted it white, and then used a craft knife to gouge and cut at the edges of the boards.  Then painted it with Rustoleum Weathered Grey stain.  I made sure to soak the raw wood with the stain before wiping it all down.  I think it came out pretty well. 

In my experience porch floors tend to get worn down and any paint that peels off them gets scraped away by people walking on it so I didn't want to go with the same aging process as I did with the rest of the house.

The curtains went up pretty well.  I like how they look though I still don't think the bedroom curtains are perfect.  Still, for my first attempt...not too bad.

My only issue is the drapes hide my heat register.  I might have to make another one for the dividing wall between the kitchen and front room.

Wednesday evening I was finally feeling a bit better.  Which seems fair after being sick all day.  So I stuck two of the walls to the base and got the corner guards on to hold them together. 

I was not bright enough (or well enough) to remember to take pictures of this. 

Then last night (since I could sleep in this morning) I attached the balcony.  This took lots of glue, binder clips and adjusting to make sure the brackets were fitting properly underneath.  Corners just kill me.  No where to attach a clamp or clip to make sure the balcony adheres properly to the wall. 

Solution? Lots of masking tape. 

But I did take pictures of the whole shebang this morning which is why this isn't a text only blog.

Wow, can you tell the windows were behind the house?

I think putting the grey on the edges of the extra curlicues of the brackets really makes them look like they were meant to be this way.  It flows better to the eye, I think.

Do you like my little sheets on the front door?

See the big sort of blank spot under the front window?  I've got stairs to go to the door.  I think I've showed them to you before.

But I've decided I'll do a little plant bed, maybe an inch and a half wide, with mulch and some spiral bushes and maybe a couple of flowers.  Because it looks really empty right now.  And I'm gonna make some wood type stairs for the French doors off the kitchen with another plant bed on that side along the house with hopefully vines climbing up. 

I'm hoping to make a lot more progress this weekend.  I need to wire a few things, get the ceiling/second floor glued in, and then go to work on the kitchen furniture before I can add the back wall.

I'm working on the door handles for the French doors right now, waiting for some paint to dry and then I'll get back to work.

I'm so excited. It's starting to look like a house!


  1. You've accomplished so much on this build! Well done! :D Glad you are feeling better.

    1. Thank you! I'm so glad the headache/illness is gone too.

      Your Haunted Heritage is a total inspiration for this house and I get so many ideas from reading your blog.

  2. Your house has a lot of history attached to it and you have certainly maximized the space both within and without because it looks like a much bigger house than it is! I love the exterior and the way that you have painted and aged the brackets.
    I am quite excited to see how the rest of the walls and floor will look once they are all up and the fittings installed. It really is looking like a New Orleans house- Well Done!

    p.s. I know what those kind of headaches feel like having suffered through one myself last week. Glad to hear that you are once again on the mend. :)

    1. Thank you so much! Brae posted a sneak peak and said 3 1/2 months and now I'm freaked out.

      I'm pleased with all the details on this...its just making everything fit together since I've done all the walls one at a time. Getting the roof going will be the big thing for me.

      Sorry you got one of those awful headaches too. I swear the pollen count does something to me.

  3. It looks great. The added gray on the brackets is perfect.

    1. Thanks! I'm so excited that the walls are finally going on. I've got some measuring to do and then hopefully work on the kitchen and bathroom.