Sunday, September 18, 2016

Making Furniture

This week I spent some time learning how to draw and octagon... That actually took a few evenings as I tried to translate what I saw on the internet to my graph paper.  I wanted to make one of those smaller at the top than the bottom tables that look a little more modern and that made it trickier.

But I finally managed it and Friday night I started the process of making an octagonal table.  It has a ribbon hinge to hold two of the panels so I can put a battery pack inside for the lamp.

You can see that it's partially open here.  I'm pretty happy with how it looks... it's not too huge but it's just tall enough for a table lamp.

I also made a mirror for the bathroom.  It started out as a House of Miniatures kit.  But the trim that came with the kit kept breaking, splintering and just misbehaving in general.  So I got out some of my chair rail and improvised.

I added some left over curlicues from my porch trim to give it some dimension.  Then painted it green, brushed it with crackle medium and painted it Warm White over the whole thing.  I like the look, some color but not overwhelming.

I'm also working on a table for the bedroom, something narrow but also big enough for a battery pack.  I started out with this kit.

But I wanted to put a door on the front and make it a bit taller.  Which I did.  I did the same treatment on it as I did the mirror only with a dark pink undertone and Snow White over the crackle medium.

I like the look, but I think its a bit too tall.  I might try this again and see if I can leave out the drawer and just add a little door over the whole front instead.  We'll see.

It's a bit whimsical and fun which I like. A nice contrast to the bed and bureau.  The knobs are cut off brass nails.  I'll make the chair to go next to it and see how high it is in comparison.  It's meant to be a table for a reading lamp.

And I'm working on the chair as well.  Slow and steady right?  You all probably have seen the kit before.

This is as far as I've gotten.

It's been a busy weekend so I don't know that I'll get much further today.  Our new washing machine was finally delivered today and now we're trying to catch up on laundry.

With luck I'll get a bit more done but I'm not holding my breath. 


  1. I love the detail you put on the hexagon table - it's a nice touch! I'm trying to imagine where the table and chair will go in the bedroom, and what fabric you'll use. I'll just have to wait until next week, huh! And hooray for the new washing machine! Mine is over 10 years old now and I keep crossing my fingers that it will last another 10!

    1. Thanks! I thought about throwing some red or brown on it but then I thought with the patterns underlaid in gold it would feel too busy. I'm going to try and make a couple more of them, maybe a tall skinny one for the balcony...need a place to put that sweet tea after all.

  2. Nice job on the table :)

    I love HOM versatile and such time savers.

    1. Thanks@ I'm hoping now that I have the process down it won't take me as long if I want to make more.

  3. Like your Hexagon table, you have done a good job with it! Your customized kits have also turned out REALLY GOOD! I think that adding the trims to the mirror and lengthening the hight of the bedside table were the perfect solutions!
    Well Done Shelia! :D


    1. Thank you! I like how the bedside table looks, but for my purposes it might be a bit too tall. So I might try this again and see if I can make it shorter while still leaving enough room for a nine volt battery. Have to see.