Sunday, September 4, 2016

Floors & Walls

Ohmigod!  It's a house.

Okay, well mostly.

Yesterday I got the outer walls up, two of them at least and the balcony onto the front.  That's the good news.

More good news... I got the ceiling/second floor in and the supporting wall dividing between the kitchen and the front room.

I got my wiring all tested and checked.  Which required some splicing thanks to a building inspector who chewed through some wires.  I'm irritated with her right now.  But they do work so that's good.

I also got the bedroom/bathroom wall in.  And the railing for the stairs up.  In order to be sure it would stay together I drilled holes in the railing and posts and with some white glue and toothpicks to reinforce the connections.

I worked on the back wall where I'll be hiding the wiring for the lights and slotted it into place just to check the fit.  I haven't put the corner braces on the outside so I've got light shining through but it gives a good idea of the room size.

And just to test I put the ceiling center beam up and verified that it fits well enough.

I think this works well.  The balcony roof is going to be a half and half type thing.  I'm going to put it on hinges for the larger part of the roof and that way I'll be able to reach the battery packs for the porch lights.  Then the part beyond my little divider will look like my original plan.  Like this:

I think that's a good compromise between my original plan and the revised one I came up with a couple days ago.

Before I can put on my back wall I need to get my kitchen cabinets and shelves put together as well as my bathroom.  So I'm going to work on that hopefully for the rest of the weekend. I've got an adorable little stove with working lights that I can hook up to a battery.  And I want to do an under cabinet light as well.   That'll keep the kitchen from getting too dark.

At least that's my hope.

That's all the good news and semi good news. 

What is the bad news you might ask? 

I have no clue about what to use for countertops in the kitchen.  I still have to put the bathroom kit together.  And I have no idea what to use for curtains in the bathroom, or if I should put any in at all.

I also need to add pictures or something to the wall by the stairs and my little shelf clock I worked so hard on.

Three and a half months to figure all this out.

Oi.  I'm off to look at countertops.


  1. Now that the walls are up you can really get a feel for the personality of this historic home. The configuration of each room has a cosy and hospitable feel to it and I am very intrigued to see how you lay out the kitchen and bathroom. Although it looks tight I am certain that you will be able to maximize every square inch of floor space in an interesting and innovative way!
    Keep up the Great Work! :D


    1. Thank you so much. I'm thinking a galley type kitchen. And the bathroom I did a little layout test a few months ago. I've got a Chrysnbon kit for it that'll look right for the house and not be too big for the bathroom.

  2. I would keep the countertops light, since the room is dark. Are you going to put the under counter light above the stove? If so, a mirrored backsplash behind it would bounce more light out into the room.

    Perhaps a piece of vellum to frost the glass in the bathroom window?

    I really, really like your porch roof solution. It is going to look fabulous.

    Since you genuinely appreciate the feedback and know I'm not trying to be mean....I think it looks funny that there is a little section of wall in the living room with no wainscoting.

    I am almost done with mine, at least with the hard part. If there is anything I can do to lend you a hand, I would be happy to help.

  3. I'm thinking about getting some white marble paper from HBS Miniatures, it has touches of black and grey in it and might work pretty well.

    The bathroom window has pebbled glass, it's not easy to see in the pictures...and since the bathroom is on the second floor curtains aren't even strictly needed. It just looks odd to me without them.

    I know! Ungh... building it, it seemed perfectly reasonable, and it looked fine. I thought I'd put a little table against the wall, but the space is too narrow for a table. I've got more wainscoting so I'll have to figure something out there. The side trim on the wall near the stairs looks odd to me too so I need to do something with that too.

    Thanks so much. I'm hoping I won't have to take you up on that but if you see a frantic email you'll know my knowledge has failed me. Again. LOL

  4. Hi Sheila. It's looking great. Love the character of this little house! Maybe some lace curtains for the bathroom? Perhaps you could add your foxtures and then see if anything is really needed.

    1. Thank you. I've got some lace... I'm debating because there are so many shades of white in that room already.

  5. I can seriously hear the floors creaking underfoot. :D Awesome work!

    Sometimes putting furnishings in a room, even if they aren't what you plan to keep, can urge you in the right direction for curtains and accessories.

    1. Thank you so much! I fell in love with your parlor floor and wanted to do something similar for my front room.

      I need to put the kit together for the bathroom but I take your meaning. I'm thinking I might get some of my white lace and yellow it with tea...