Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Curtains & Tilt Table

After I finally decided on the fabric for the living room curtains it took me a little bit to figure out how wide they needed to be and what sort of cornice I wanted.

I went with this fabric:

And because the front room is a bit more traditional I found a pair of these double window cornices:

I like the touch of gold at the top. It'll play nice off the dining area chairs and table.  They're from Victorian Dollhouse Wood Works.

I was at a loss as to what I could use as a fixative.  Casey's blog advises using hair spray and the pleater I bought suggests starch.  But with the humidity we've got in my area I didn't think either of those would hold for long, and they'd feel sticky and attract dust.

So I got an old Elmer's glue bottle and added water and some more glue.  Then brushed it on the fabric once it was set in the pleater.  It's holding very well and doesn't feel sticky at all.  Win!

So far I only have four panels pleated. They're about an inch and a half wide now that they're set which will leave open space on the window but also cover the edges.  And I want to add some backing to them so they look nice from the outside.

I'm working on some center pieces so the wallpaper doesn't show through the cornice.  I think a nice half moon of pleats in front with the panels behind them and the cornice over all of it.  Sort of like this:

Only less elaborate obviously.  I don't even want two half moons, just one, for simplicity's sake. The cornice is ornate enough.

Even when they're done I don't want to put them up yet, mostly because I'm concerned that they'll get messed up and the cornices broken when I try to attach the front porch.

So our order will be:

Porch/balcony lights
Glue in curtains
Assemble walls
Add second floor
Install railing
Drill hole into foundation for electrical
Get lights wired properly into their channel and under the foundation.
Gutters & downspouts (paint and age first)

And in between all these steps will be making more furniture along with the kitchen cabinets and bathroom fixtures.  I need to create a table to go between the chairs in the living room for a lamp. The table needs to have a hollow core to hide a battery.  Same thing with a nightstand for the bedroom.

Good news is that I've found a nice dusky rose fabric in my stash for the bedroom drapes.  And some pretty printed white maybe for the bathroom, I'm debating on that one. I don't want to block any light from the window.

I'm thinking for the bedroom drapes of doing something similar to Brae's in her Haunted Heritage Parlor.  I've got two single windows and one double and for the single windows I think the one sided style would be nice. Not too overwhelming for the smaller windows.  Then I could do a full set for the double window.

I've also started work on the tilt top table I bought on Ebay.  It's a Houseworks kit.

Some gilt along the edges will give it a bit of glam.  Then I'll add the gloss poly and put the pieces together.

Can you tell I'm freaking out a little bit?  Less than 130 days left!


  1. Slow and steady Sheila! You'll get there. And thanks for the kind comments on my blog. Xx

    1. Thanks! The porch is going to be the big project.

  2. That all sounds wonderful and exciting! Can't wait to see what you've done in the next post! I love the fabric you chose!

    1. Thank you! I'm hoping to post a few more pictures of my progress but I keep forgetting. I made a board like Casey's blog shows for making curtains that aren't just straight panels.