Saturday, August 27, 2016

Trial Run Assembly

Oh boy.  So I'm working on my front balcony and I just didn't like how screwy the roof kept looking.  So I'm deviating from my original idea of a roof like this:

It's not that I don't like them.  But with the width of the balcony the roof would be too flat in the front and it would look very odd.

So I'm going with a roof similar to this.

Only I'm planning on adding some detail to it, some half scale fishscale shingles to make it prettier.  And I have some pretty curlicues that I might put on the top.  I'm still debating the colors but definitely white trim, maybe use the same blueish grey I have for the French doors on the fishscale shingles to make them pop.

I also decided to do a trial run on the assembly of the house...

Good news is that I think with glue and my corner braces I won't have many problems getting the floor slotted in place.

The bad news?  I'm not completely certain of that.  And I won't be certain until I actually glue everything together. 

I took a few more shots, mostly of the interior.

As you can see, I still haven't put in the curtains.  I'm drawing out some ideas for the French door windows.  Very thin little cornices that follow the curve of the windows on the bottom and curtains that are draped in the same curve.  Once I'm ready to put the walls up I'll add hardware to the outside of the French doors.

I bought some shrubs and mulch to make a little bed to go in the front of the house and maybe along the side.  I also have some supplies to make some vines to climb up the side of the house with the staircase on the inside.

Here's how the balcony looks, taped to the house.

I tested my balcony and front door lights so they work and that's nice to know.  The open side of the house will have a wall so it can be closed in and safe from Building Inspectors. 

I'm hoping to get the rest of the lights finished this weekend and the staircase wall glued in if I can get the curtains settled for those French doors and the bathroom window.  We'll see.  I'm not feeling so hot and all I want to do is be a vegetable.


  1. It's looking great! Love seeing your photos of the complete interior room layout. If it doesn't quite go together perfectly, a little spackle will help! Hope you feel better soon, but in the meantime, it's ok to vegetate.

    1. Wow thanks! I'm hoping to get the French door curtains done and then some walls glued in. The biggest thing will be the electrical.

      I don't know that I can vege for long though, contest ends in December.

    2. If it were my house I'd just have a flat roof on the balcony, with maybe a little fancy trim sticking up along the edges.

      If you bring the roof all the way out to the front edge of the balcony I think you will need some support posts that go from the front corners of the bottom of the balcony to the ground, so that it doesn't look top heavy. T high that might look nice.

      Love the shot of the layout of all the rooms. You are doing such a nice job. I'm impressed at how well the rooms flow together.

    3. Yeah that's my big concern too. I'm thinking I might try to do something halfway between the two. Slightly forward with the peak of the roof but not all the way to the edge of the porch.

    4. What I need are bigger brackets for beneath the balcony, the ones I have are pretty but not wide enough.

  2. Provided you can get them off in one piece you can use strip wood to build them up. I'll email you a picture to explain what I mean.

  3. This looks amazing! So exciting :)

    1. Thank you! I'm really pleased with my progress so far.