Sunday, July 31, 2016

Couch Redo, Layout & Curtain Fabric Choices

Okie dokie!

So here's the redone couch.  I followed Kat's tutorial pretty much.  I didn't have any batting but I did have some felt and that worked pretty well. 

I'm feeling better about it and if I try another upholstered kit I think I'll try to follow Kat's method more than the kit's instructions.

I think it came out pretty well this time around.  It looks more like a real couch.

I also did a little work on the attic.  Couldn't find any real insulation to scale so I made do.  It looks decent I think. I'll make some little boards to go across the beams for a few boxes to sit on.

This morning after I was sure the glue had dried I sprayed the paper with some misted water so it'll look like it's been there a while.  At least that's my hope.

I also put a couple walls up and the finished furniture in the front room to test the layout.  It still feels a little tight to me.  See what you think?

See what I mean?  The couch is a bit smaller than the original red couch, but it feels a little tight.  I think a square table that's a bit smaller would help. 

I love my little round table but I think it's too big for the space.  A square one, I could put solidly against the wall and that would leave more space behind the couch.  What do all of you think?

Also here's where the little cabinet I made will go.  I figure put some shelves up over the sink and cabinet for open storage. 

I also took out the fabric I bought for curtains...At least for the ground floor.  So tell me what you think?

I took a picture of the fabric next to the window and wallpaper and then one close up for the fabric.  I'm still looking for other options but these are the choices so far.

So I'm leaning towards the first one for the front room.  The last pictures of the stripes seem a little harsh.  The arabesques look a bit softer to me and I think they might work a bit better.

The greys are pretty, but they look dingy against the black and white toile.  And nothing in the room is really grey so there's nothing to tie them too.

The red is nice, but it's so bright against the wallpaper I'm worried the curtains will be so glaring that they'll compete with the couch.  I do think that would be nice in the kitchen.  Bright enough to look nice against the brick but not so bright that they'd take over the room.

I also took a picture of the front of the house so you could all see how the front door looks against the paint.  I'm kinda pleased with it.  It stands out but it's not jarring.

So I'd love some opinions on the table and curtains.  And if you think the couch works?

So far I'm feeling good about my progress.  One hundred thirty seven days to go.  How are all of you doing?


  1. It is looking great all together! I agree with a smaller square table. For the curtains, either the first or the last fabric. I think you need to be careful you don't overwhelm the space and the pretty toile wallpaper. Great progress!

    1. Yeah I agree with you. Just ordered a kit for a 2 1/2" square tilt table so I can see how that works.

      I think I'm going with the first fabric. I found some pretty wooden filigree cornices for double windows and I'm going to keep the curtains pretty simple. You're totally right. I don't want anything to overwhelm the wallpaper.

  2. I love that first fabric.

    I agree about a square table, but to me it's the couch dividing the room in half that looks awkward. What if you put the couch either under the windows or facing the stairs?

    The couch looks much better, by the way.

    1. I'm wondering about that... My concern is having the furniture with its back to the opening of the house.

      I'll have to try it though, if only to have a few more options.

      Ordered a square table kit that's a bit smaller, so hopefully that'll solve some of the spacing issues.

  3. LOVE that living room! The colors are perfect and I absolutely love the chairs, floor, window, and staircase... really all of it Lol

    First fabric should look great in there. And the couch is fine, it pulls it all together :)

    1. Thanks! I'm excited to try a smaller table and see how things look then. but I'm so pleased with how the couch came out.