Sunday, August 14, 2016

Curtains & Cornices

Some more progress today.  First.

Here's a picture of the completed curtains for the front room.  What do all of you think? Tiebacks? Or no?

I'm curious as to what all of you think of them now that they're finished. 

I've been paying a lot of attention to Casey's blog since she's got some gorgeous curtains on it.  And I tried my hand at drawing out some simple cornices for the kitchen and the bedroom.  Still thinking about the bathroom.

I went with the curved bottoms for the bedroom and the more angular one for the kitchen.  Cut them out of basswood

Got the sides and top glued together.

Then started to wrap them in fabric.  I was really careful to use glue on the sides and back but none on the actual front of the cornices so they'd look a bit softer.

I love the texture of the bedroom ones. 

I'm waiting on the panels to dry in the pleater and then I'll add tiebacks and glue again so they stay in place.  It's a painstaking process but I'm hoping it'll be worth it.

Any suggestions for the bathroom?  The one on the left is window I'm working with.  (Please ignore the wonky coloring, this is the photo with the crazy exposure before I changed out the wire in the windows but it's nice and bright.)

I'm not sure about full curtains on either side, maybe something soft and lacy at the top?


  1. Hi Sheila. I like your curtains and don't think they need tiebacks. I think they tie in with a more cottage-y look this way. For your bathroom, I think something light too, like lace. Simple. It is a bathroom, so kinda needs to be practical too. Not sure this helps really! Haha!

    1. Thanks! I like how they look too. I'll have to go through my fabric stash for some bathroom ideas.