Saturday, August 13, 2016

Color Choices and Progress

Okay!  Yeah, so far a good day. 

Got the front room curtains lined and glued to each other.  They're drying now so you can't see the fronts yet.  I'm not sure about tiebacks on the drapes or not.  I'll show you guys tomorrow what they'll look like around the windows and you can advise me.  That's the good thing about not gluing them in right away.

And I measured and made a sheer for the front door.  Call me strange but I don't like the idea of someone being able to just look into the front room from the entry steps.  I'll get them glued into place at the same time I do the window curtains.  And maybe add a little red bow to draw them taut in the middle.

I finished the little tilt table.  I made a stencil to draw the design and taped it down then sanded over it to make the design look worn.

Of course after I put it away the box I was using to store my couch, chairs and the new table (all the front room furniture I made) fell on the floor and one of my chairs broke.  At least it wasn't the new table.  So I have a chair sitting with the curtains, waiting for new glue to dry. 

Yeah, should have named me Grace.  (Insert eye roll here.)

I've been struggling with the bedroom curtains.  Not the style, I figured that out, but the colors.  I really wanted to use my rose fabric.  It's not quite as bright as the wallpaper but I didn't want a ton of bright pink.

The problem was something to cover the cornices.  White wouldn't blend well with the woodwork color.  But I took a picture just in case you all disagreed with me.

It goes nicely with the wallpaper but next to the trim it looks bad to me.

Then I started looking at some of the taupe materials I had in my stashed fabric.  There's a linen look one:

Not bad with the wallpaper but not great with the trim again.  Not awful, but not awesome.

And here's a suede look one.  Same sort of problem.  Okay with the wallpaper but with the could be better.

Neither of them are awful. I don't hate them like I do the white.  In face I really like the difference in textures with the suede, though it might be a bit much.  But I kept looking...and then...I found a greenish linen looking fabric.  And I was like "Yes!" 

See what I mean?  It seems to match the wallpaper perfectly but at the same time its good with the trim as well.  I think I like this one the best. 

I drew out some cornices on graph paper and then used a craft knife to cut them out of basswood.  Until I found the above fabric I really was thinking of just painting them the same color as the trim but it felt like they'd be really flat.

I drew out a few more cornices and I might just do a simple one in the kitchen with a small pleated ruffle under it.  I don't want the kitchen to have much in the way of curtains.

My other concern is the windows on the double doors.  Do I make some sort of curtains or sheers for them like the front door or leave them open?  I'm not sure because they look so nice the way they are.

So that was my Saturday so far.  I'd love to hear what all of you think of my bedroom fabric choices.  Hopefully I'll have more to show you tomorrow or Monday.


  1. that is teasing - showing the curtains from the back!! really curious to see how the curtains turned out :-)

    1. LOL. I really want to be sure they're dry before I turn them over. It would be frustrating beyond belief if they fell apart.

  2. Love the green and rose combo! You are right! It's a YES! As far as the french doors, do a mock up with all your options and then photograph each of them. Since it's a contest which ultimately comes down to photos, the photos will tell you which is right...

    1. Thanks! I'm excited about them. I'm going to start work on them tomorrow. Need to figure out the pattern to cut the drapes since I need them gathered on one side.

      I think part of what makes me debate sheers or anything on the French doors is that it seems like they hide the shape of the windows and I love how the windows look. You're right though, I need to figure out how to do it and see how they look.

  3. Thanks! I was so relieved to find that in my stash. I'm really OCD about colors matching.

  4. Also chucking my 2 cents in - yes to the greenish linen.

    1. Thank you! I was so glad I found it.