Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The Roof (continued) and the Platform Bed

My inspiration photo shows a house with a metal roof often found down here in Texas.  I really like how these look and they come in a variety of colors.  Near my old job in Irving there was a white building with a blue roof.  Very appealing visually.

Here's a link so you can see more of the inspiration house.  Love it.  Contemporary Forest House.

Can you see the ridges and lines?
I've done this kind of roof on my Beach Bungalow and so I knew exactly what I needed for it.

Lots of thin strips of wood.  1/8th by 1/16th to be precise. 

They're so thin they bend easily.  And that's helpful for a curved roof.
You can see how well it worked on my Bungalow

All aged and everything.  Looks pretty good I think.

But I wanted a more metallic gleam to the roof.  So I got some metallic chocolate brown paint.  I didn't like how glittery it was though.  See?

Almost sparkly.  I do not want and Edward Cullen roof. No.
So thus began the process of aging and de-sparkling the roof.  Black metallic and espresso brown paint diluted with water and dripped/brushed onto the roof.  Using the water makes it gather and run in realistic ways, kind of like real weather would beat at the roof.

It was raining and icky for the last couple of days so I could have let the actual weather do the work for me but even I'm not crazy enough to try that.

A bit better right?
Then I let it dry and added some trim to the front and back, and did a bit more aging.

Still a bit of a gleam but not too bad.
The last bit of trim had to be added and I'm waiting on the glue to dry.

Slowly but surely, it's coming together.
I did find a picture of my windows for the master bedroom, I knew I had one. Just forgot to upload it.  Absent-minded? Me?  Naw...

Here we are.  I can't wait to put the white stucco onto the wood. The contrast'll be awesome.

I also, while waiting for the roof to dry in between coats of paint and gluing, got the platform bed stained and varnished.

I'm pretty pleased with it.
Here's another angle.

Not perfect, but pretty good for my first attempt.
And that's pretty much it folks.  I have some more painting to do tonight for that last bit of wood trim, and then its full speed ahead on the roof/garden/patio.  I'm looking into making some furniture for that area since I only have a couple of pieces.  But it should be fun.

The only issue? 

The area is to cat inspections. 

Cats who have a history of stealing my flowers and electrical tape.

So we'll see how this goes.

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