Monday, November 16, 2015

Little Bits & Fiddly Things. And the Roof

So this week I got a lot of little things done on the house.  It feels like I keep taking pictures of the same thing over and over again though.  Weird huh?

First thing was the windows.  I got those all installed and glued.  And then painted for a little contrast with the walls.

I cannot figure out why that white shows through the siding.  I've even painted and it still shows.  Weird.
I've got windows on the other side of the house too.  Remember that hole Tali was looking out of when she inspected the bedroom?

Window area.
That is where the windows from the original kit ended up. 
See? All nice and glued in.
Then there was the matter of adding trim.  I didn't want the traditional trim that came with the windows.  It didn't look terribly modern to me.
So I got some strip wood and started to fool around with it.
Could have sworn I had a picture without tape. Oh well.  Tomorrow I'll take another one for you.

And here's the window in the office/studio

I like the contrast of the dark windows and the light wood.
I also got all my lights wired in, black outlines for the windows painted and the raw wood edge of the balcony painted.  None of that is really picture worthy.

Not super noticeable but it gives a little more contrast.

And you'll notice in the picture above that I got the curtains done for the master bedroom.  I'm not sure if I want them in the office or not.  I'm debating.  I'm thinking not.

But here's a couple more pictures of them.  And some of the kitchen curtains too.

I love the colors but the bagginess is something I'm still debating.

Ignore the view please.
I like this shot for some reason.

One last view from outside.
I also got the bed stained, its waiting on some varnish now. Needs to dry completely.  Then I'll have pictures for you.

But the master bathroom only needs the towel rods and towels to be completely done. The toilet and tub arrived and I'm pretty pleased with how everything looks.

Then I started work on the roof and ceilings.  I got them glued down, and the curved roof is currently clamped with the wood drying into the proper shape. 

Lots of glue, strips of thin basswood and lots of binders, plus a magazine to weigh everything down.
I'm hoping that'll be dry by tonight and I can work on glue the 1/8th by 1/16th strips down for my metal roof effect.

If I can get that done tonight, I can paint and then concentrate on the roof of the squared off part, which is gonna be a type of roof garden/patio.  And in between drying stuff I can get the siding finished off on the curved portion of the house.

It'll be a busy week but I'm making progress. And I ordered another transformer because I think I burned mine out.  This one should be capable of supporting more lights.  Yay!


  1. You have far, far more patience than me. Brava! It looks awesome!

    1. Oddly enough I have patience with this, but none at all with things like embroidery anymore. Too weird right? Thanks so much.

  2. WOW WOW WOW!!!

    This is like a complete house. You are amazing girl!