Thursday, November 12, 2015

Siding! And the Inspection Continues...

Very excited that the siding for the main curved wall is up.  I got the siding from Hobby Builders Supply and had a real issue with them not remaining flat when glued.  So I glued them to foamboard and spritzed them with water before pressing them under heavy cookbooks and magazines to make them stay flat.

Then I repeated the process after I stained them. 

Some strip wood painted black to hide the foamboard around the lower window, sticky tacky glue and lots of binder clips... 

And voila!

Lots of binder clips
The board has the tendency to curve a bit still so until I'm sure the glue is completely dry the clips and tape are staying on.

One more shot

I also did some work on the roof for this part of the house. 

I'm using cardboard because I don't have the tools to quickly rip down the kit roof to the proper size.  But its card board that'll be sandwiched with thin basswood and I think in the end with trim it'll look great.

No pictures yet, mostly because I want it a little more finished looking before I expose it to the world.  But I got the plaster ceiling paper, the chandelier lights and the porch roof underside all glued on.  So progress right?

Also, while I was busy with my siding and binder clips, Tali decided to inspect the bedroom.  This is the reason the dollhouse will (eventually) be completely enclosed.

I like the cork floor Mom, but the bed is too small.
My husband keeps saying that she knows that I'm always working on 'whatever' this thing is so she's curious and she wants my attention.  Right.  This is the cat that loves on him all the time.  Me? I'm just entertainment and interesting jungle gyms. 

Mom, I don't like this window either
Yeah, that's enough of your opinion young lady.  Out of there.

See you all later, here's hoping the roof works as well as I hope!

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  1. This is really coming together nicely, Sheila! I love how you bashed the kit, and the layout is really fun! Determination gets the job done, tools just make it go a little faster! Congrats on your Dremel! I love getting tools! :0)