Monday, November 9, 2015

The Master Bedroom and Bath

Well I think I'm doing okay on the house so far.  This week I've made some progress on the master suite.  The bathroom is just awaiting the tub and toilet and for the ceiling to be permanently fixed into place. 

I started working on it last week and you've all seen the walls with the little transom window I made to let some light in.

I'm still pleased with this wallpaper at least.
I installed the tile and got it grouted.  I really liked this tile when I bought it but I couldn't find more than one square foot of it.  So sad about that because it really is gorgeous.

It reminds me of mother of pearl
I also added the tile to one of the walls for the shower.

Grout and a lot of waiting for the grout to dry came next.  I swear half my life is waiting for something to dry. Glue, paint, grout...etc.

But then I had to make a little pony wall with the glass for the shower on top of it, and the shower enclosure itself.

I used some fixtures I bought from Elf Miniatures for the showerhead and drain.  I liked the idea of a double headed shower.

Can you see the control lever?
I built the shower enclosure out of wood and then varnished it and slid some thin plexiglass in for doors.  Not easy to see but here's a picture anyway.

I used another brad for the shower door handle. 
I've attached the sinks to the console and added the mirrors to the wall.  I'm pretty pleased with how it looks.  The sinks are also from Elf Miniatures.  The console is from ModPodMiniatures.  Love the modern furniture.  So beautiful.

I like the echoes of white from the grout to the porcelain.
The toilet will go behind the pony wall and the tub in the empty spot in the foreground.

The tricky part was getting the crown molding up.  It never wants to stay glued right away.

But it still looks pretty good

Speaking of bathrooms, here are a couple of shots of the finished half bath on the first floor.  The sink and washstand are both from Elf Miniatures.  I made the towels out of flannel and the mirror is from Ebay.
I like how it turned out.
One more.

It turned out pretty well. Small but nice.
Master bath mostly done I turned my attention to the bedroom.  First to the flooring and then to the trim.

A shot through the front windows to show off the cork floor, I need to dust I think.
It didn't help that the wall was trying to curve.

My sophisticated clamping technique.
Here's a shot of the window wall with the trim clamped on.

My very important glue bottle there.
Getting all the walls into place required some muscle and stubbornness to go with the glue but I finally got everything pushed and taped into place.

With all the trim and everything!
I'm still working on the curtains for the windows.  I'm not going to have working curtain rods, they'd never stay up. So I'm going to cheat and glue the curtains and some fake rods into place.

But the big thing for this room that I wanted was the bed.  I've seen some gorgeous modern beds out there with benches and night stands build right in.  So I wanted to do something along those lines.

I got a mattress from HBS Supply and used that to give me the approximate measurements.

Here's the start of the process, basswood and plywood.

Lots of glue!
Here's a shot about halfway along the whole thing.

Doesn't look like much does it?
And here we have the final product, minus the varnish and stain.  I'm thinking a dark base and natural wood for the top.

I'll take the tape off when its done drying.
A slightly different shot.

The mattress will sit in the middle where there's no trim
I'm pretty pleased with it so far.  Once I get the stain and the varnish on it'll look real nice.  Then the bedding and the bedroom will be halfway done.

I also was working on the ceilings for the rooms and got the plaster paper and lights on, but since I haven't done the curtains yet I don't want to glue it into place.

Here's a shot of what it'll look like completed. (Hopefully!)

I love a chandelier in the bathroom.  Very posh.
And because I can't have a flat surface without the building inspector coming by...

Tali isn't sure she approves.
One more look just to see...hmmm... No... Mom I won't fit in here. You'll have to start over.

Tali, the house is not for you.
So assuming the ceiling survives her 'help' I'll hopefully get the curtains in and then glue the ceiling down.  Then its just building a little set of walls around the top for the roof/patio area.

I also started to work on the siding for the curved portion of the house but its being held in place by several large heavy books so the siding doesn't curl up with the moisture of the glue and then stain.  With some luck I'll have pictures in a few days.

That's all for now folks.  See you soon I hope.


  1. It's all looking fabulous Sheila. Cork floor - love it, platform bed - love it, shower cubicle - love it. I've also learned what a pony door is =0) I use bulldog clips all of the time so we must both be very sophisticated =0D I think your building inspector wants feeding =0P

  2. You are making great progress! Go, go, go, go, go! Tali needs some pom-poms.

  3. Love the platform bed and the cork floor! And of course, your cat!