Monday, November 2, 2015

Slight Oops But We're Moving Forward

I was so proud of my door onto the balcony.  My very first homemade door.  Then I installed it.  You know there's a reason they don't usually touch the floor. 

Yep, you guessed it.  When I opened or closed it the bottom pushed against the floor.  Sooo... Pry it off the wall.  Wow that glue really worked well.  And then reglue it slightly farther up the wall.

Yay.  Success.  And I can put a floor on the balcony and it still works. 

To celebrate I gave it a doorknob.
Sticky tacky glue dries clear thankfully.

I also decided on the walls to go around the sliding doors in the office.  At first I was going to go with narrow windows on either side.  But I wouldn't have been able to match the style of the other upper floor windows.  So I just used some balsa wood and cut it to size, added wallpaper on the other side and glued everything in place.

I also got the window for the head of the stairs done.  I was pretty pleased with that. 

My in progress shot. 
Taping the two sides together so the glue has a chance to dry
Then it was a matter of getting it wedged into place at the head of the stairs.

Narrow little hall but hopefully not too terrible.
Here's a view from the outside of the house.

With tape holding it in place while the glue dries. Of course
Our anniversary was on Saturday.  (Yes, on Halloween.) And my husband got me a Dremel.  Yes!  I was so happy.  And immediately started to use it.  The routing tool is awesome.

Isn't it pretty?
It made getting the wires for the balcony lights hidden much easier.

They stay in the little channel I carved.

You can hardly see the wires on top of the beams.  I'm pretty pleased.
I also got the staircase area cleaned up and prettified.  Some trim and adding wood so there isn't a hole in the floor at the top of the steps. 

Some balsa patchwork
I love clear nailpolish as varnish on regular wood.  It makes it a touch darker and gives it a lovely shine.  And I don't have to mess around with stain. 

I need to glue the ceiling paper a little better but the trim looks nice.
Here's the other side of the stairs.

Sorry its so blurry. 
And while I was varnishing I decided to put the floor in the office/studio and then add the baseboards.

Can you tell what it is?  Cork!
I found some cork scrapbook sheets.  Really thin but they give that gorgeous look of pressed cork floors, at least in my opinion.  And its such a modern look. 

Hallway floor too.
And then the studio with the baseboards.

I'm enjoying how it looks.
Here's a view of the half bath door with the lights on.  I really was pleased with how this turned out.

Kinda cool I think.
And since Halloween was this weekend, here's a few of our decorations for the real house.

And eventually I'll have to take everything down.  That can wait until Nov 7th I think.

So Happy (belated) Halloween and hopefully I'll get more done on the house this week and have another update soon.