Monday, November 30, 2015

Bedding and Towels

As promised, I did some more work on the house.  Little inside things mostly.  Like bedding for the master bedroom and towels for the bath.  Rugs... laundry baskets... that sort of thing.

The bedding is fabric I bought from the remnants section at JoAnns. 

Not bad looking right?
Making tiny realistic pillows is beyond me so I bought them from Otterine.  I love the little Owl the best.

Isn't he cute?
They come in sets of two so I used the extra one on the green chair in the sitting area.

Looks pretty good...I need to polish the side table though
I also made some things for the bathroom.  A roll of toilet paper, towels and I added a tissue to the tissue box.  Makes things look more real in my humble opinion.

Real paper.  Just in case you know?
And the towels are a very fine corduroy, pressed and glued into place.

You can see my tissue box in this pic. On the corner of the counter
And last but not least, the laundry basket.  This shot also gives you a nice look at my closet doors.

Well, not a great look, but you get the idea?
One more thing I did was install the garage door and the trim for the windows on the upper floor.

I like the contrast of the dark windows with the pale stucco. 
I'll try to take some more pictures so you can see the variation in the trim colors later.  Right now it all looks dark which is fine.  But the windows are actually stained a dark brown and the outer trim is painted the same black that's around the front windows.

One last pic
My two youngest enjoying the holiday.  Jack is the big old orange cat. He's barely a year old and still at that stage where he wants to sleep near his sissies.  Helo is on the floor behind him doing his evil dead impersonation. He's such a drama queen.  And Tali, my little calico is resigned to never getting the chair to herself.

Hope it was a happy holiday!  I'm back to work and trying desperately to get caught up.

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