Monday, October 23, 2023

The Tree

 Well I've been organizing my workroom/dining room for a bit and working on my tree. I run into times when the glue has to dry so that's when I clean up and organize.

I've also had a cat with some issues so he's had to have medicine and monitoring and strangely enough, chasing a one and a half year old cat around at my age is a little tiring. Though to be fair, age wouldn't have as much to do with it if I wasn't also out of shape.

But he's better, done with his antibiotic and muscle relaxer so we'll see how this week goes.

The tree is progressing slowly, I'm getting low on Candytuft so I ordered something that I hope will be comparable and blend well with what I have. 

Here's the tree so far though.

The organizing will continue when the new (really wonderfully cheap) shelves come in and I can get things out of the boxes and off the floor and onto them. The goal is to have space to set up the table with the Cricut and work on some of those projects as well as minis. Since the tree and its glue drying process allows for other work to be done.

And if anyone has a source for sage/basil colored candytuft I'm definitely interested!

The list is progressing:

Finished goods
Forge Roof/ceiling
Forge Bargeboards - skip, too fancy
Second floor/ceiling beams
Second floor/ceiling
Second floor walls
Second floor fireplace
Second floor railing (so no one falls down the stairs)
Forge Chimney
House Chimney
Dragons for chimney and chimney pots
Benches/stools for kitchen. 
Oven/bread paddles (at least one)
Rush mats
Knitting/sewing...something for the upstairs bench.
Fur throw
Fireplace tools, (tongs, shovel, poker)
Pease Porridge Pot
Sink with dishes
Bucket of water
Barrel of water for forge
Shingles - living quarters
Shingles - Forge
Well/water pump with Water!
Electrical wiring - final


  1. Oh what a tree, Sheila! It is looking fabulous! You must be so happy with how it is turning out! Good luck with the new candytuft sub. It seems like random things are out of stock these days. It must be a consequence of Covid on the countries who produce the things we need having been impacted by the after effects. I have had to order my S.O.S. pads, at twice the cost, through an Amazon seller in PA and they took 10 days to get here? There have been none in local stores since July! What is happening?!? It is going to turn me into a hoarder, lol! I am glad the kitty is getting better and you are going to love working in your newly reorganized room! I need a good fall cleaning around here, too!

  2. Wow Sheila, you’re getting sooo close!

  3. Hace falta mucha paciencia para hacer ese árbol.¡ Va a quedar fantástico!

  4. The tree is looking great already.
    I hope the kitty is better.

  5. I hope by now your kitty is in good health.
    The already looks fantastic. Try the mini train shops for the supplies you need.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. Hi Sheila! Sorry I am so late to comment! I finally figured out how to get into the comments again! I think your tree is looking wonderful! Your technique works really well with the branches and the trunk is very realistic! I hope your kitty is better! Happy Thanksgiving! :)