Friday, September 15, 2023

Lots of Little Things...And a Tree

Well time got away from me. I've only been meaning to post for two weeks now!

I've been working on a lot of little things for the build. I needed a paddle to take things out of the hot oven. So I drew the outline on basswood, cut and sanded it down and then stained it before rubbing it with charcoal for a slightly aged look.

I like how it came out.

Another thing I needed was baskets, several in various sizes. I have a bunch of paper wrapped wire that reminds me of grapevines so I used that. It gives the baskets a slightly rustic appearance.  Then I added the produce, eggs and sewing paraphernalia. 

Filling the baskets up with things is handy for disguising the slightly rougher interiors. I made the sewing/knitting stuff but not the vegetables. Miniature food is still a little beyond my capabilities right now.

I'd purchases some urns/pitchers and placed them in various spots in the kitchen and bedroom, but I didn't have any bowls to match. And I really wanted a shallow bowl for the bedroom, suitable for washing up in the morning or evening.

So I went with Kris's paper pottery tutorial. I couldn't find my quilling paper so I cut thin strips of printer paper instead. It worked out pretty well I think. Lots of glue, sanding, glue, sanding and then acrylic paint, and Gallery Glass paint on top to give it a glazed ceramic/pottery look.

You'll recall that I made a bunch of little jars to put on the shelves around the living quarters. But I wanted some other type of storage as well and figured that chests and boxes would be something useful. You never know right?

So I made a bunch of chests with legs to keep them off the floor using various pieces of trim and sized them to fit under the stairs and alongside the stairwell.  Fair warning, lots of pictures to follow.

My first attempt:

Second chest, slightly fancier with metal handles:

Third try. This one is meant to be stored on top of the bed:

Fourth attempt. Slightly shorter than the first, also meant to slide on top of the bed:

Fifth try. I didn't like this one as much, so it's going into a far corner, and I glued the lid down. Don't say I didn't warn you about all these pictures:

Sixth. Bringing in some of the Celtic knotwork trim. Not sure why I didn't take a picture with the lid off. It is removable. 

Seventh one. More knotwork. At this point I'm consciously measuring and trying to make chests that'll stack under the stairs. Math is not my friend so not quite as easy as you'd think.

Last one!  Very small with one handle on the lid. 

And now all of them together:

I was very pleased when everything stacked up the way they were supposed to.

And they all fit into their spots.

The chest above might move to another part of the room. Not sure just yet.

I also decided that I wanted a couple of rush mats for the floors. I did a simpler one and then a braided mat.  I like the braided one a lot but it was very labor intensive.

I imagine I'll put the smaller simpler one in the kitchen, maybe as a kind of doormat. But I like the larger braided one in the bedroom.

But you all know how I wanted a tree. It has begun!

I noticed when I was painting the tree for the WQRC that the paint would rub off the trunk when I was holding it. So I primed the trunk with gesso in the hopes that this time the paint wouldn't rub off once it dried. 

I'll start painting this weekend when everything is completely dry and see how it goes. 

I hope your September is going well!

Slowly but surely crossing things off the list.

Finished goods
Forge Roof/ceiling
Forge Bargeboards - skip, too fancy
Second floor/ceiling beams
Second floor/ceiling
Second floor walls
Second floor fireplace
Second floor railing (so no one falls down the stairs)
Forge Chimney
House Chimney
Dragons for chimney and chimney pots
Benches/stools for kitchen. 
Oven/bread paddles (at least one)
Rush mats
Knitting/sewing...something for the upstairs bench.
Fur throw
Fireplace tools, (tongs, shovel, poker)
Pease Porridge Pot
Sink with dishes
Bucket of water
Barrel of water for forge
Shingles - living quarters
Shingles - Forge
Well/water pump with Water!


  1. So much great work in this post, Sheila! The trunks are fabulous! I love all the creatively different varieties. I know how challenging all the mitering and math for furniture are, so I am giving you a standing ovation! And so many pf them, too!

    The paddle, baskets, rugs and bowls came out so great, too! They all really give the impression that people live here. Non miniaturists don't really get what it takes to make things come out looking so wonderfully, but your people do and I am again applauding your skill!

    The tree is looking excellent and I am really excited to see how it looks with the exterior. It is really going to make the project come to life!

    September is flying by and I have mixed feelings about the fall. I love having the doors open all day so the puppies can explore at their will, but the heat this year was pretty awful. And I will deeply miss the sunshine. It does so much for my mental outlook!

  2. Your "ceramics" are awesome! I'm blown away by your wood works. All the chests and boxes look wonderful. It's a great idea filling the space under the stairs with boxes.
    Hugs, Drora

  3. So many great projects - I love the boxes and Celtic knots! I know lots of hours and work went into these projects and they look great in place!

  4. Wow, you’re almost done with your list! How exciting! All your boxes and trunks look great and really add character and interest in the rooms. Well done, with the bowls too, very convincing ceramics!

  5. Wow, so much work! I love all of the miniatures you made. The chests with Celtic knots are my favourites.
    And you were right. Adding them in the interiors was a great idea.

  6. Has estado creando verdaderas maravillas! Los baúles te han quedado preciosos y cuanta variedad de modelos! Todas las verduras se ven reales y deliciosas.
    Las alfombras de cuerda son perfectas para la escena.
    El árbol se va viendo increíble!

  7. Hi Sheila! Sorry I am so late... I've been traveling! You have accomplished so much with all these accessories! It is amazing how well they fit in and become part of the "everyday" life you are building. I Love the baskets with the vegetables and the small boxes for storage. And your tree is looking really wonderful! I know how tricky it can be to get any sense of realism in mini plants... and trees are "huge"! Lol!