Sunday, October 17, 2021

The List

 Right now my work table (otherwise known as the dining room table) is a mess of parts, half finished components and pieces to make other dollhouse parts.

So I thought it might help to make a list of everything that still has to be done.

I changed the design slightly, I want a slanted roof for the upper level with transom windows between the cargo container walls and the roof. So I'm going to have some support beams there. 

I've seen container houses built on HGTV and the more of the metal sides you take out for windows and doors the more you compromise the structural integrity. So you need support beams to hold everything in place, level and plumb. 

So in no particular order

  1. Support beams for the ceilings of the upper and lower level.
  2. Build the corners of the containers and glue them to the long walls.
  3. Cut first floor ceiling and second floor flooring - with staircase opening.
  4. Glue in flooring for the upper level, stain and sand it.
  5. Build the bathroom wall
  6. Build the closet
  7. Build transom windows for upper level
  8. Fold & prime the corner lift pieces
  9. Make the four handles for the container doors
  10. Stain closet & Bathroom doors - convert to barn doors
  11. Cut the roof
  12. Prime the walls, roof & stairs
  13. Paint the walls & roof
    1. Wallpaper or paint?
  14. Make supports for the overhang/carport
  15. Base & steps for house (cinderblocks? or skip this)
  16. Landscaping
  17. Posts & railings for roof patio
  18. Prime & paint posts & railings of roof patio
  19. Make bifold doors for upper level
  20. Make floor to ceiling windows for upper level
  21. Make frames for all floor to ceiling windows
  22. Make sink cabinet for bathroom
  23. Make 'glass' door for shower
  24. Tile shower walls & soap niche
  25. Lighting.
    1. Bathroom overhead
    2. Over front door
    3. On either side of bifold for roof patio
    4. Kitchen pendant lights
    5. Living room lights
    6. Light in upstairs office
    7. Bedroom lights
  26. Furniture for bedroom 
  27. Furniture for living room
  28. Spider plants in macrame holders for kitchen window?
  29. Install kitchen cabinets, faucet, appliances, backsplash & floating shelves
  30. Install bathroom fixtures
  31. Rugs & pillows
  32. Books
  33. Cats

As you can see, quite the list. 

Oh, the new Halloween movie came out this weekend so of course my husband had to see it. He streamed it so it played in my living room.  Thankfully I had plenty to do and could stay occupied. Horror is not my thing. He loves it.

I did get the ceiling and floor cut with a square for the stairs opening.  I haven't taken pictures of that yet because that's the only thing I've done with them. 

I spent quite a bit of time working on the transom windows for the upstairs. 

My biggest trouble with the windows has been making sure the exterior frames look the same for all of them.

I worked on the bathroom barn door.  I'm pretty pleased with how it came out so far. 

And as you can see above, I worked on the tile for the shower walls as well.

I went through my lights and figured out which bulbs would work for them. So that's good. No pictures of that because I didn't paint or anything but it gives me ideas of how I'll use everything.

I primed and painted the stairs. Always a good time right?

It's actually a metallic black but it's not as easy to see in pictures.  But while I had the black paint out I did the transom windows too.

I cut the 'glass' for the windows as well but they don't photograph very nicely. Darn reflections and glare.

Today I started thinking of how I would finish the walls. I can either paint them, or do a wallpaper or a combination of both. And since I'm doing the sort of updated Mid-Century Modern thing I started going through my scrapbook paper.

Keeping in mind that anything I choose has to work with the tiles in the kitchen and bathroom I used one of the shower walls to see how the colors would work.

I thought it would be cool to do a big floral on the wall panel and under the window in the living room area. And then something to match it on the other little pieces of wall area. Not that there's much with the windows.

I like how big the flower print is because the larger print is a bit more modern than the really busy look of the true Mid-Century wall papers.

And the variety of colors would give me a more options for furniture fabrics.  I'd have to use solids or else a print that looks really good with that floral but that's a concern for another day.

Still thinking about the flooring for the bathroom but for the bedroom, sitting room/office and bathroom... I could go darker and moody in the bedroom, though again, there isn't a lot of wall space.

Lighter in the sitting room/office and a medium shade in the bathroom?  Here are some of my options.

Number 6 is a little busy for me but I felt like I should include it.

I got a few other things done and was able to cross them off. This is the last full week I'll have to work on the dollhouse so I'm hopeful that I can get everything I need primed and painted built, glued and dried so any primer/paint doesn't make it fall apart.

Only about sixty days left! Ahhh!

How are all of you doing?


  1. You have quite a list but also you have done quite a lot! I think this project is fabulous, so different and therefore even more exiting. Love your ideas, I might try to make some barn doors for my current project. Keep up the good work!

  2. Wow! You have used your bonus time to make great progress! The list is long, but knowing what to do next is often the hardest part! I think you'll get a lot of stuff crossed off and make huge progress this week, too. The tiles look awesome, and I think my favorite papers are 2 and 4. Have fun with all of it!

  3. Hi Sheila! I have fallen way behind on blog visiting! It looks to me like you have gotten a ton done! I love the floral wallpaper you are looking at... it has just enough bold pattern without being too "Mod" if you know what I mean? And your tiles look great as usual! Your Wonky Stairs look wonderfully wonky and I can't wait to see them in place! I think this whole project has such unique character and great design features, it is going to be amazing when it is done! Bravo for making the comprehensive list.... we know why I never get to the "finish line" on my projects! LOL! And I'm really happy for you that your new job is so much better than the old one! :):)

  4. Oh boy what a list! I love lists, but yours makes me freak out a little and I don't even have to do it LOL
    I love, love, love your bathroom door and the idea of transom windows for the upper level is just great. I can't wait to see it in place.
    What an amazing choice of papers. I think by favorites are 1. for the bathroom and 2 or 4 for the sitting room / office. I look forward to seeing what you choose.

  5. The encouraging parts of your awesome list are the lines already crossed off. It will be wonderful to see it shortened along with your progress.
    I love the barn door and the metal stairs. The floor tiles are beautiful and go with the style of this project.
    Hugs, Drora

  6. I love making a list - it sort of empties the head from just mithering about it all and so satisfying as you cross things off. You have been really busy and achieved a load of stuff all of which you will be soooooo grateful for as you really get into the project. So nice to have stuff prepped ready (like when you are cooking).

  7. Happy Halloween Sheila! It’s Shannon here. Kind of testing the waters. Opened a new Gmail account and now not sure what account will be posted for this comment! Your build is looking great, everything is coming together beautifully. As for wallpaper, I think the floral. It contrasts nicely with the stairs, softens the look, isn’t too bold nor too subtle and adds lovely soft colour. Also great that the job has started well. Take care.