Sunday, September 19, 2021


 Okay. So this isn't related to minis but it is an explanation as to why I'm not as active mini-ing lately.

Lost my job this last week.

Actually that's misleading. I know exactly where my job is. It just isn't mine anymore.

The very 'Christian' company I worked for decided I wasn't in compliance with the company policies. They don't have an H/R department so the only person I could speak with regarding compliance was the person who told me I was a problem. So information or guidance about correcting the issue. 

I suppose it doesn't help that I'd been with the company six years, was salary, had gotten a raise in the last four months and was training an assistant for my position.  Or that the Controller just hired four new people.

So I'm stepping up my certification courses and applying for jobs. And unemployment.

Feeling (more than) a little stressed and concerned about picking up glue or a craft knife or something because when I'm on edge like this I'm just as likely to have an accident as I am to doing anything productive.

No progress on the back bathroom either. Which could be a good or a bad thing.  If I had any home reno or plumbing knowledge I swear I'd start demoing the thing myself just for stress relief.

I hope everyone else's week has gone better than mine.


  1. Hi Sheila. Yikes, you have had a crappy week…. So frustrating, I fully sympathise regarding crappy, moral-free employers (it sounds very similar to the government department I used to work for) and being without that income sure is scary, so sending big hugs. Will keep fingers crossed you find something quick that you will enjoy. And take care of yourself and try not to worry too much.

  2. Ouch - What a horrid week Sheila! I can only imagine how frustrated and angry you must be feeling. One thing is loosing a job, but loosing without any sound or reasonable explanation would be 100 time worse.
    I really wish for you that you find something new a better quickly.

  3. ZUT !
    perdre son job est très angoissant !
    Je vous souhaite "Bon courage" et surtout que l'avenir vous apporte de bonnes nouvelles !

  4. What an awful week, dear Sheila. I wish that things will change for the better for you and hope you find a better job with a considerate, decent employer very soon.
    A big warm hug,

  5. Big hugs, dear friend! I have been where you are a couple times. With the benefit of hindsight, all my worries were unwarranted. The money thing always works out and usually in ways that build your trust in yourself. By the time you're established in a new (and likely better) job, the only thing that remains about the situation in your mind is gratitude. We usually stay in a crappy position out of complacency or fear, and it takes something like this to force us to stop settling and live a better, more rewarding job life. For now, enjoy the breather for a bit and take advantage of the unemployment you've paid into for decades. Remember, you are the creator and curator of each one of your thoughts. Cultivate and allow only ones that move you closer to your goals and you will be able to enjoy each day as a gift and not a problem. There is a place out there that needs your skills, and you'll feel fulfilled by being there. Now go and enjoy some play time! 💗💗💗

  6. Oh, Ouch! That seems so sneaky and unfair! I am sorry to hear you have been rejected after serving well for so long. Seriously, personal opinions don't usually count if you are doing your job! I do hope, like Jodi says, that this will turn out for the best and you will find a place where your abilities and work will be properly appreciated! Try not to take it to heart that they fired you. I know how discouraging it can feel to be suddenly without the life you knew, and the salary you expected. I really hope things begin to look up soon!
    Take care, and make minis that don't need a knife! :)

  7. Sorry to hear about your job. I really hope this is for the best and you find yourself soon in a much better situation. And I hope you find in your work with miniatures the confort you need. Take care.

  8. I'm very sorry it happened to you. But I think it might be for good - you will find a better job. I keep my fingers crossed.
    But I understand your frustration and anger.
    Take care!

  9. Lamento mucho saber de tu pérdida del trabajo,es muy injusto! Sólo espero que pronto puedas encontrar otro en el que te sientas realizada!