Sunday, August 29, 2021

Floor. Finally!

 I'm sure by now you're all aware of my ongoing debate about the floor and staining it.  I finally decided that I had to go for it at some point. Not sure what I would've done if I hadn't liked how it came out. As it is I wore out my arm sanding the 'floorboards' down between the different stains I used.

I started out with tongue depressor woodsies. I found a bunch for real cheap on Amazon and cut the curved ends off.

Since this is a modern house I didn't feel the need to drill holes for pegs/nails in either end.  That made the whole process go a lot faster. Though I did need to use my dictionary and thesaurus to hold the boards flat while the glue dried.

Then I added some detail with a Minwax Ebony stain pen.

I sanded that layer down which had the fortuitous effect of leveling off any slight bumps in the floor.  Then I added Rust-o-leum's Weathered Grey stain.

Sanding that down took a bit longer but I finally got it looking the way I wanted. And I added Minwax's Classic Oak over it. The Classic Oak goes on looking very reddish but it wipes down looking more blonde which I liked.

It isn't easy to see when I take a picture of just the floor. But the color shows up nicely when I put the cabinets on the floor.

Since I wanted to match the window trim and open shelving to the floors that was my next step. It went a bit more quickly since there wasn't as much of an area to cover.

And then I did another dry fit. 

With the flooring I need to adjust the tile backsplash just slightly because the floor raises the counters just slightly and I want the tile to meet the top of the counter, not start behind it.

But apart from that little issue I like how the shelves, cabinets and flooring look together.

The other big event of the weekend was my minis I bought from NattyCollection on Etsy.  I got the apples for the WQRC from this shop and I bought some more of those so I could make another apple tree if I wanted.

I really love my tree and I want to make more of them. Maybe in the little lanterns for my shop. Or just for me.

But there were so many yummy looking things that I couldn't resist.

Suddenly I'm craving macaroons.

But that's pretty much it for the weekend folks. No progress on the bathroom unfortunately. 

Hope all of you are having a good weekend!


  1. The floor looks so pretty, especially with those gorgeous cabinets! And the assembled kitchen looks stunning, Sheila! It's so fun to finally reach the point where the ideas in thought and on paper come together in such a beautiful way!

    And what a fun package to open from Natty! So many delicious looking and vibrant foods! Makes me hungry, too! Have a great week playing!

  2. Oh Sheila, the floor is absolutely wonderful! I confess, I almost gasped when I first saw those 'fat black scribbles' but what an amazing result. I don't think, I would be that brave, but you nailed this one (even if there are no nail holes in the boards LOL).

    What a great haul of goodies from Natty. The sight of the Singha beer makes me long for my pre-covid annual trip to Thailand.
    Anna X

  3. Sheila, el suelo ha quedado fabuloso! me encanta como luce al lado de los preciosos electrodomésticos y muebles de cocina,un gran trabajo!
    Cuantas deliciosas comidas y se ven tan reales!!!

  4. The floor looks great and the whole kitchen will be just perfect. I love the minis!

  5. Hi Sheila! Your floor looks absolutely fantastic! It really has that "realism" that makes you look twice or even three times to be sure it is just a mini. The pale reddish gray is just the right color to bring out the warmth in the Gray cabinets... without being too much of a contrast. That is a tricky thing to achieve! This kitchen just keeps getting better and better! As for the shopping you did.... well, now I am hungry! LOL! I can't wait to see the arrangements in the kitchen.... and another tree is always fun to see. The one in the WQRC is really beautifully done. :):)

  6. Hi Sheila. I've just binge-read your posts from the last two months. I LOVE the floor, and the backsplash tiles turned out stunning. I have been following along on Instagram but I don't always have the energy to comment and haven't posted on my own blog for a while because life is a bit strange here right now. I just wanted you to know that I'm still reading, appreciating, and admiring your work!