Sunday, July 18, 2021

Windows and Redoing the Front Wall

 So I have actually been working on the dollhouse this weekend. I started with the stairs again.

I still need to work on the floors but I decided if I'm going to use these stairs I want to move the window up further so I can put either shelves or a sitting area there.

And since I wanted to make the kitchen window smaller I'd have to redo the front wall anyway so away I went.

The windows are almost to the ceiling this way and it gives me more space for the backsplash and some open shelving. 

I need to do some sanding and a bit of touch up paint but I think the black frames against the dark blue will look good.

I think this will work better. It reminds me a little of my mom's kitchen window. She had spider plants hanging from the ceiling in macramé holders and that could be fun to do too.

Here's a look through the accordion doors.

So far I like how it looks. I need to prime the walls and paint them before I can do anything like the backsplash. And I need to do the floors before I can put the cabinets in. 

Hopefully I'll be making progress a little more quickly now.


  1. Looking good! I like having some backsplash area behind the sink. I'd get my window dirty really quick otherwise because I am a messy cook and a water splasher for some frustrating reason! I am excited to see what you do for floors as I am stuck in indecision about mine. I need your inspiration! Have fun and be sure to tell us the bathroom update on the next post! RL reno news gets me just as excited as minis! ;O)

  2. The stairs turned out so well, Sheila. I also love how the kitchen is coming together. Changing the size/placement of the window will work out well for you. This is such a great project I look forward to seeing it all the way through. - Marilyn D.

  3. Hi Sheila! I really like the shape of those spiral stairs! I think the window adjustments make perfect sense and look great in the end! Clearly it was worth the effort of re-making the front wall. The kitchen is looking wonderful... I can see those spider plants in macrame hangers too! I really look forward to seeing more! :)

  4. Wow! I love how the kitchen looks. The window above the sink looks great. I like the shape of the stairs.
    Hugs, Drora

  5. One can start getting a feel for the interior space. This is going to be an unusual, but unusually lovely, dollhouse!