Sunday, April 11, 2021

Round Two

 I've heard about varied reactions to the second round of the Pfizer vaccine.  No big deal. Oh felt like I was dying. Fever, fatigue, flu like symptoms... It's better if you've had Covid. Oh no, it's worse if you've had Covid.

I was optimistic.  I thought we'd be able to get the shot, go home and drop my husband off and then go on to work. 

I thought wrong.

We hadn't even gotten all the way home before my head began to hurt. (Granted it's a bit of a trip but still) My arm was sore but not immediately. That took a while to get really bad.  Fatigue, headache, fever, and feeling like my hand and half my arm was falling asleep. Yeah, this was much worse than the first round.

I got lucky (relatively speaking) because the headache and arm pain (and numbness) went away by Saturday.  The fatigue...yeah that hung on though by Sunday it was a little better.  Don't get me wrong, I'm glad I got the vaccine but I'm also (very) glad I won't need to do this again.

So my progress was a little erratic this weekend. I added some supports to the big window in the kitchen.

It keeps the push out windows from sagging and it looks pretty good.  Then I started on the two sets of double windows for the living room on the other side of the first floor and the bedroom.

I like the trim for the inside but for the exterior I want something a little more streamlined so I'll make some different exterior window frames.

While the paint on the windows dried I started to put my refrigerator together. I bought several rolls of glitter contact paper in black, grey and white.  I wanted to do the appliances in black and the countertops in either white or grey.

I got my handles from Kristine's Shapeways shop.  I like the dark grey metallic handles for the appliances.  That way they match the stove top knobs as well.

I think it looks pretty good.  So while the glue dried on the handles I painted the front door.

And tested the fit of my 'drywall'.

I cut my siding for the front wall exterior.  And tested out some paint on a scrap. I love this blue but I might need to get more of it.  Or find a black spray primer so I don't need five coats of paint.

You can see where I'm also testing stain on pieces of wood.  I want a wood trim around the windows on the inside.  I want a shade of brown that works with the Weathered Grey cabinets.  So I put my two countertop options, and the tile for the backsplash against the peninsula back with the different stains I have.

First the two countertop options. So far I have one vote for the grey and two for the white. I'm leaning towards the white, just for the contrast.

It's not very easy to see the glitter of the white. Either one will work with the backsplash because I have tiles in pearly white and a silvery grey.

Now the wood stain options.

I like the Dark Walnut and the Cherry so far.  The Early American and Red Mahogany have too much red in them to me.  The big thing is that whatever I use for the window stain, I need to do something that coordinates on the floor.

I also put the lower cabinets together and tested the new sink.

Yay it fits!

And just for fun I put the stove front in it's spot.

We have one wall put together.

Only seven more to go. Plus a floor. And a roof. And another roof.  The interesting thing is going to be making the doors at the end of the cargo containers. I've got this'll be interesting.

I've ordered some 'glass' so I can make some accordion doors. I want to make the back wall of the first floor sliding doors so I can fold them back and get in but keep the Building Inspector out.  The second floor I'm still working on but I want sliding or accordion doors up there to go out onto the roof deck.

Now I'm going to go and figure out how to make those container doors.  Or have a nap. We'll see which one wins.


  1. I'm sorry to read about your experience with the second round of Covid vaccine, Sheila, I hope you are on the mend again by now?
    The windows look fine to me.
    Maybe a stupid question of me, Sheila, but is the siding part of the kit, or did you buy it somewhere? However, it looks great, the color too.
    Making choices is always difficult, but I guess you have something in your mind already. So, choose whatever you think is right, your previous choices always have been very well.
    Take good care for yourself, dear Sheila, good luck with your plans.
    Hugs, Ilona

    1. I bought the siding from a place Marion told me about. She did a container house and used the same stuff.

    2. Thank you, Sheila, for your answer, and sharing this link!
      Get well soon!
      Hug, Ilona

  2. Really good progress Sheila! Everything is looking very sleek and modern, lovely! I personally think the cherry because it has similar tones to the other wood but still some contrast. The dark walnut looks good too, but is too similar. Hope your week goes well.

  3. Hi Sheila! For someone who wasn't feeling great, you got a lot done! I love the black glitter surface for the appliances! That's got some Zip to it! The wood stain question is really tricky! I'd try to go a little bit darker... toward the black of the outside of the windows. I really like the gray stain of the cabinets with the black appliances and the beautiful tiles... too much brown will feel "muddy" in my opinion. Generally I really like dark walnut, so maybe it is just how the colors show in the computer. I am sure you will make a good choice! I'm glad you're feeling better! I had a day of fever and aches after my second shot (Moderna)and didn't think I was tired except I kept taking naps! LOL! It is such a relief to be vaccinated! Keep up the great work! This project is really fascinating! :)

  4. Sounds like your second Pfizer shot was like my husband’s. I had zero side effects with mine, but my husband woke up the next morning hurting all over and got worse as the day went on. He ended up in bed for 5 hours feeling as if he had a bad case of the flu. He finally felt better at bedtime, but had a dizzy spell the next morning (on the way to my dad’s funeral - yeah, horrible timing). Glad to know you recovered as quickly as he did.

    Your progress looks great. I look forward to the next installment.

  5. Espero que todas las molestias de la vacuna hayan desaparecido por completo, afortunadamente ya has acabado!!
    Tus progresos se ven realmente bien! Y estoy segura que tus decisiones con los tonos, acabarán siendo las acertadas como en otras ocasiones, ánimo!!

  6. I'm sorry your Pfizer second shot didn't go smoothly. We here have the same Pfizer vaccine. My entire family are already past their second shots and waiting for the third to be six months later. We all had zero side=effects.
    I love the black appliances with the metal handles. You made a wonderful progress and everything looks fantastic. I'm sure you'll reach the best decisions about the stains.
    Hugs, Drora

  7. I hope you are fully recovered now. However, it´s amazing the amount of work you have done, I think you are making fantastic progress and look forward to keep following you and this amazing and original project.

  8. So sorry about your reaction to your second shot, Sheila. I hope you're feeling better now. I haven't had my first shot yet and am still waiting to get called with an appointment date. So is my husband. We are 67 and 71 years old - I hope the call comes soon.
    I love how your container building is coming together. I too prefer the white countertop. Personally, I really like the warmth of the Early American stain. I think its warmth sets off the coolness of the grey cabinets really nicely. IN the end it should be the one that brings a smile to your face, not ours. As for the back doors, my friend, Louise has done a shipping container and she did a wonderful job on the back doors if you need any tips or would like to see pictures of hers. Just send me an email and let me know. Have a great week. - Marilyn D.

  9. I love all the new methods and materials you are experimenting with, Sheila! This is going to be a gorgeous container house! I'm glad you're all finished with vaccines, too! Have a great week and recharge that energy!

  10. It's looking really interesting, Sheila! You're working on so many things at once and you have several options that colour co-ordinate well. That doesn't make it easier to choose but it's always good to have a choice.
    I'm sorry that you were so unwell after the vaccination. Hopefully, you won't need to go through that again or by the time you need a booster, they have it fine-tuned. Here in South Africa, there's not even the promise of a date when we might have a vaccine. Our best case scenario is end of this year. I can tell you that we are very fed up with all the safety measures and fear of getting really sick. At least now you will know that you have a measure of protection!