Sunday, October 25, 2020

So Much For My Plans...

 Isn't there an old saying...if you want to hear God laugh, tell him your plans?

I had grand plans for this past week.  My husband was going to be at work and I would have the house to myself.  I could write or work on minis... not have horror movies on the TV constantly.

And then...

One of my husband's employees went to a family gathering.  Guess what happened next.

Go on, guess.  I'll wait.

You got it.  She caught Covid.  And then gave it to my husband and four other employees. 

As you know, sharing is caring, so my husband gave it to me.

Luckily, because he has underlying conditions and the folks at my workplace are bad about wearing their masks, I keep my mask on constantly while I'm working.  Even six feet apart or in meetings.  It seems to have worked because no one at my workplace has caught it.  I'm relieved.  I wouldn't wish this on anyone.

So my plans...

Yeah, my husband has been home this past week.  There was no quiet time.  And even if there was I felt so lousy that I wouldn't have been able to accomplish anything.  The cats are upset because we're not letting them close enough to sniff our faces or get cuddles because we're petrified we'll give them Covid.  It's rare but apparently cats and dogs can get it.

I was able to accomplish a couple of things.  I had ordered us new phones, and got them set up and the old stuff moved from the old phones to the new ones.  Got longer charger cords so we could use the ones specific to the phones in the cars.  And cases for the phones so we don't break them.  (This is an actual concern.)

I tested the camera on the new phone.  Tali (aka The Building Inspector) was irritated that she was the test subject and I woke her up.

The other accomplishment was a new coffee maker.  The old one was on its last legs and we don't drink pots of coffee in one sitting anymore.  So we splurged on Prime day and got a Keurig.  We ordered some reusable filters for it so we don't waste all the coffee we already have.  It's smaller and fits under the cabinets so that's nice.

I'm trying to get away from drinking soda in the morning for my caffeine fix.  My doctor's been after me about it.  So the new coffee maker is our fourteen year anniversary present to ourselves.

I got a little bit of energy early in the week and organized my minis a bit more.  Moved the new shelves in place.  

I really need to do something pretty to the paper boxes. Cover them with more fabric or vinyl and put my label holders on them.  Maybe when I feel better.

And I cut out the back of one of my new laundry room boxes.  I also microwaved one of my little birdhouses and took it apart.

The other plan for the week was to goof around with the Cricut and learn more about using it from the cool videos and tutorials.  But that fell by the wayside when I wanted to sit again after walking around the house for two minutes.

I can tell you that the symptoms are not great, but we're lucky we've only been hit with them moderately. The hardest thing is thinking it'll be like the flu.  Four or five days of misery and then recovery.  Nope.  We've been feeling lousy, then we have a good day, think we're getting better and the next day we feel worse.  It feels like the flu but it doesn't progress or follow the timeline of the flu, if that makes sense?

They say fourteen days after you first show symptoms but you can only go back to work if you're symptom free.  It makes it hard to plan because you might feel fine for a day or so and then get hit with the symptoms again.

So we're taking it day to day.  He can work from home easily enough but I can't.  Even with a VPN I only have a laptop and with my lousy eyesight it's very difficult to be productive.  I'm going to talk with my boss Monday hopefully and try to figure out when I can come back.

I hope everyone else out there is staying safe and as healthy as you can.  A mask actually will work if you remember to wear it.  (I don't think they wear them during surgeries as a fashion statement.) 

Take care of yourselves.  I hope you're all having a great weekend.


  1. Oh Sheila, I'm so sorry. Please be very careful. This virus is no joke.
    I wish you and your husband a quick recovery and pray that there will be no complications.
    Big hugs,

  2. Sheila, so awful you are sick but take care of yourself and take it day by day. Sending hugs.

  3. Sheila, I am so very sorry to read that you and your husband are ill. Please take care of yourselves. I hope you're both on the mend soon. Sending you a virtual hug, Barbara (Canada)

  4. Oh no, so sorry you are sick. Hope you and hubby recover fully soon.

  5. Gosh Sheila, what a blow to both of you. I surely hope you will recover quickly. Please do take care of your self and get well
    Anna X

  6. I am sad to hear that you and your husband got Covid, but relieve that your symptoms are moderate. Please look after yourself and I wish you get well soon.

  7. Oh my, Sheila, so sorry to read that the both of you got Covid. Take good care of yourselves and I hope you both are be on the mend soon and will recover fully.
    I see you got new coffee maker (by the way: congratulations on your 14th anniversary ;)) and you got a new phone. Poor cats........who are now models for you. By the way I love seeing this picture of the Building Inspector: getting caught while being lazy ;o)!
    Take good care for yourselves, get better soon, dear Sheila.
    Hugs, Ilona

  8. Deseo que pronto esos síntomas desaparezcan y podáis volver a vuestra vida normal, cuidaros mucho!!

  9. Sheila, I'm horrified that you were infected with Covid and I'm so sorry that you're suffering through it. Hopefully, seeing as I'm a week behind with reading, by the time you get my message you're well on the way to recovery.
    Yeah, I know all about God laughing at one's plans. When we went into our first lockdown in March, Henning and I said to one another, No getting sick with anything this year. We will stay at home and look after one another and see this through until there's a vaccine. Well, first I got an ear infection that needed to be treated and I had to go to the doctor. Then I got something more serious and was hospitalized for a few days, knowing there's Covid all around me. Then Henning had a very bad fall and needed surgery. Because it was an emergency and there was no time to test him for Covid, he was treated as though infected, and put in an actual Covid ward. We were so nervous that we were going to be sick. Once he came home, there was no way I would have been able to avoid getting infected too. Despite all our other medical emergencies, we managed to dodge the virus so far and we're healthy.
    Do look after yourself, and check in on the blog when you have the energy. I shall be worried about you!

  10. Hi Sheila! I am late again..! I am so sorry to hear you caught the virus. I truly hope you and your husband make a full recovery. I have heard that it can drag you down for a long time after you are supposed to be well. Please stay careful! They also are not sure you won't catch it again!
    I hope you are getting better and can feel inspired to make minis again soon. But the most important thing is to take care of yourselves! :)

  11. Oh no, I am so sorry to hear you and your husband got covid. I hope that you get well soon. Covid is so scary. Make sure you get enough rest and fluids and take care of yourself!

  12. I wish you a lot of health! I hope you will feel fine soon.