Saturday, October 10, 2015

Trim, Cabinets & the Kitchen Sink

I got a lot of little things done this past week, more work on the kitchen, some finishing touches on the half bath under the stairs and some trim in the living room.  First thing was to finish off the kitchen sink and cabinets.

I loved the style of the cabinets but I didn't want anyone to be able to actually see through them to the underside of the sink.  So I got some of my fat quarters and cut a couple of pieces of bright green fabric with white circles.  The white doesn't show much and that's okay because it's the green that I want.

See what I mean about the white? Just enough to diffuse the green a bit.
The other thing I did was change out the sink.  I can't stand how dollhouse sinks are all these shallow, never useful in a million years, cheap looking things.  So I bought a butler's sink from Elf Miniatures and used a hand saw to enlarge the sink opening.

It worked pretty well I think.

Not too bad looking I think. 

I'm waiting on the new faucets to dry or I'd show you a picture of it too.  They're glued and taped into place until the sticky tacky glue dries so pictures aren't quite available just yet.

But I did make something to fill in the space between the upper cabinets and the ceiling.  It's hollow so I'll be able to hide the wiring for the lights inside it.

Hard to see the pattern but its wallpapered as well.
You can also see the stove vent that came with the upper cabinets.  It comes with silver paper but I wanted something more like aged copper to match the backsplash.

I'm pretty pleased with how it looks.
One last picture from a different angle.

Ignore the hole in the floor.  That'll be patched as soon as I'm done with the wiring.
A few finishing touches for the half bath.  A towel rack, toilet paper holder and mirror.

More of the pale green flannel fabric for the towels.
It felt like I waited forever for the mirror to come in the mail.

I'll probably put a tiny shelf or maybe just put a tissue box on the back of the toilet.
I got the door trim onto the outer walls too.  Had to cut it down just a touch or it wouldn't have covered the doorjamb completely.

I'll have to fix the wallpaper after I get everything completely glued together.
Wallpaper for the living room and then trim around the windows and door.  Always fun to do.

Here's a hint of how things will look after the floor is in.  Not too bad huh?

The wallpaper went on pretty well.  I'm getting better at it I think.

You can just see the wires where I'm running them from the porch light and the light just inside the front door.
Here's a shot of the light I'm planning on hanging over the entryway area.  I've got it wired in, just need to get it attached to the ceiling. 

Trim around the door and transom window as well.
The stairs needed a support post to hold the upper floor in place and its also hollow so I can run wire through it for the light over the stairs.  That'll be fun to hang.

It's not terribly sturdy but once the weight of the second floor is on it it'll be better.
That's pretty much it for my progress.  This weekend I'm working on the lights for the kitchen and living room ceiling.  If I'm lucky I'll get them all done, I have to make one from scratch and its tricky.

Talk to all of you later!


  1. You have FAAAAAR more patience than I do. And steadier hands. And holy crud, details. I like that sink. It looks like an actual sink!

  2. You got a good bit done! I wish I could find that kind of motivation. Love the new sink!