Tuesday, October 27, 2015

The Problem With Cats

The problem with cats (and sometimes the awesome of cats) is that everything is a potential toy.

That can lead to...difficulties if you have a dollhouse.  Things like this.

Building inspector.

And this...

The house does not belong on the floor.
The culprit.

Innocent face of 'Who? me?'

Most of mine have a lot of energy, especially Cap'n Jack.  He loves to go bouncing back and forth across the windows from the corner climbing tree, to the middle climbing tree to the window seats and then bouncing across the window shelf.

The window shelf is a three and a half by eight board, covered in foam and then fabric, and held to the wall by brackets.  I made two of them, one for the office and one for the main room.  They have held up to a variety of felines of varying weights and dispositions.  For more than eight years.

Cap'n Jack Sparrow is...different.  He's our first kitten in I don't know how long and he's a cheerful, energetic, play with everything and everyone cat. 

One of his rare still moments.

Sometimes too energetic.

Here are some of the results.

Jack feet and tail, waiting patiently for me to fix this catastrophe.

The holes torn out of my wall.  Notice the ripped/shredded curtains.
The spreaders/screws encased with drywall/plaster.
This is gonna take a while for me to fix.  It happened this past weekend.  And the shelf has been sitting (accusingly) on the floor since then.  I'm less than thrilled.

I was even more aggravated when I began to paint and work on the dollhouse again, only to find that my electrical tape had gone missing.

This is the problem with cats.  Things like small rolls of tape, placed (I thought) safely deep within the dollhouse, away from curious paws...  Well, these things are perfectly sized for cat toys.  And once taken as a toy, very likely gone for good.

So now I need to make a run to the store at lunch so I can continue building tonight.

I blame this one.

Tali and her make up brush (also stolen from me)

Tali Zorah Vas'Normandy has absolutely no fear and no shame when it comes to toy scrounging.  I'll probably find my electrical tape under the couch.  In a few months.


  1. Too funny! At least it doesn't get boring right? Love your cats! I know what you mean about things disappearing. One time I moved out of my place, I can't tell you how many lipsticks and chapsticks I found under my couch (which apparently had fallen out of my pockets and then become cat toys)!

    Your project looks great so far, I really really love the flooring and the new light fixture! And yes definitely use moulding and many windows, that's very modern. I'm thinking I would have used cobalt blue in the kitchen, but that's me Lol

    1. Oh I love that deep rich blue, but my last project was a lot of blue and the first house was all pale blue with bright blue and white trim so I wanted to try something a little different. Maybe my next project...I've got some gorgeous blue bottles I could use as a light fixture.

  2. Oh dear. Kitties and toys. Improv toys. I feel like I should congratulate the kitty on ingenuity, but on the other hand... ;)

    1. Yeah I'm not looking forward to the trip to Walmart. She's really smart, a little too smart for her own good.