Friday, July 5, 2024

Walls, Wallpaper & Windows

 Man... when you're working over forty hours a week its amazing how quickly a month goes by!  I really meant to have this up in June folks. Sorry about that.

I added the wallpaper to the walls and I'm pretty happy with how it looks now that the chair rail is on the wall. You all know my fondness for the color blue but this has some green in it as well so if I ever get the yen to change things out I can try for some green accents. 

I didn't do my measurements quite right, there are a few little gaps in the trim at the back but I can fix those easily enough and once I paint it won't be noticeable. 

I'm pleased with how the brick paper looks on the bay windows and can easily picture it on the outer walls of the rest of the shop.

I'm going to add crown molding with some little block corners. I really like that look and painted white it won't be too formal.

If you're on my Instagram you'll have seen that I did make a bunch of perfume bottles. I like the idea of china, fancy bottles and maybe some flower arrangements or something in the windows. Clocks maybe? We'll see. But here are some of the bottles I made.

I got a little carried away making them but it was fun and I really liked them. So no harm no foul right?

One of the girls at work actually loves working with polymer clay and she made me a tea (or coffee) set and its so sweet!

Isn't it fun? She made all the food too. I can't get over how pretty!

But I had an idea of something she might like so I brought my perfume bottles and asked her to choose which ones she liked.  Then asked her favorite color and brought my paints for her to choose out of those.

She loves pink. Its weird, she and I are opposites. When she was little she loved blue and I loved pink. Now we're adults (sortof at least in my case) and she loves pink and I love blue. We got a good laugh about that.

She chose a very bright pink.

And since I wanted to give her something a little more sophisticated I got one of my barewood pieces of furniture:

And turned it into this:

I made a couple pairs of silly earrings (pink and blue popsicles and pink donuts) and put them in the drawers. And a little plate with a pink cake. No pictures of them though.

So now she has a place to put her perfume bottles.

I like this look so I might try to do a piece of furniture in shades of blue ombre for the shop. We'll see. I considered doing something like this on different pieces to seel in my Etsy shop. 

I did one other thing in June. One of the guys at work was showing me pictures of his granddaughter (she's seriously adorable) and I made her a hat.

He says she loves it and was jumping up and down with it on her head. 

I like it so much, maybe I'll make one of my own with purple flowers to match my hair. 

That is the good thing about this workplace. No 'dress code' for your hair, even if you're in the office and accounting. And since my hair (in the traditional way of the Irish) is going silver in great quantities, Schwarzkopf's Got2b Amethyst Chrome goes over my dark brown and silver. This is the best cheap (relatively) color I've found that actually sticks to silver hair and makes even my dark brown look like dark purple without bleaching it. 

Borrowed the picture from Amazon so you can see what I mean. 

No I'm not getting paid for this endorsement.  I should be though. I've told everyone about this color. 

But I digress.

I'm hoping to work on some more dishes for the shop, or maybe the furniture. I definitely need to figure out how to structure the roof so I can get at the lights in the shop ceiling. 

Lots to do!

Hope you're having a great July so far!  


  1. Great to see you still working on your projects and the shop is looking great. Your friend's teaset and food is so cute and well done, and it is a really sweet gesture. I am sure she will live the pink dresser! Always good to hear about a good hair dye - they are hard to find these days and I get the occasional mishap....

  2. ¡Estas trabajando muchísimo y muy variado!
    Es tocador ha quedado muy bien y los perfumes harán muy elegante una vitrina.